Sofia Richie: Some Untold Truth That You May Not know!

1. Sofia Richie Grew Up a Famous

Sofia Richie Grew Up A Famous

Sofia Richie’s childhood is far from typical. She grew up in the shadow of her dad, Lionel Richie who is the five-time Grammy winner and well known as a singer and songwriter.

She also grows up in the shadow of her older adopted sister Nicole Richie and becomes mature while rubbing the shoulder with the rich and famous.

Sofia Richie is growing up in the limelight but is actually made Sofia’s life difficult. Sofia told the evening standard that paparazzi stalk her and someone went so far as to put tacker in her car.

2. Sofia Richie gave up Music for modeling

Sofia Richie Had A Love For Music But Gave It Up For Modeling

She works after her dad at a bigger level and that she can also sing and play the piano. Sofia had played the piano seven times and she sang five times. She also took vocal lessons to hone her talent.

She wanted to pursue a singing career and even worked in a studio with the lead vocalist of Joel Madden, Good Charlotte.

But the one thing that began getting in the way of her music career was the pressure she felt from her father’s status and popularity in this business.

Sofia Richie does not want to feel like she had to live up to her dad’s career. So Sofia Richie switches the gears and began pursuing a modeling career.

3. She started Modeling Career As a Teen

She Started Modeling Career As A Teen

Sofia got her modeling gig when she was 14 years old. Teen Vogue has become popular in a teen fashion magazine for years. Many models would love to make it in this magazine, which is exactly what Sofia did.

Sofia Richie