Smartwatch or fitness band? How to choose the ideal watch

Are you a lover of exercises and sports or more formal and executive? Here we compare smartwatches and fitness bands so you can choose the ideal smartwatch for your lifestyle.

The watches stopped being just a clothing accessory. In this digital age, watches have become electronic devices with many complex functionalities that they range from receiving messages, calls and sending emails, to measuring heart rate, blood pressure and calories burned during the day. There are many brands and models with different prices and a wide range of functionalities. How to choose the ideal smartwatch for your purpose?

The watches have become a necessary complement for users and (obviously) for some of the leading brands producing technological items, including mobile companies (Apple, Xiaomi Samsung and Huawei).

Seeing the first prototypes it would seem inconceivable that they have come so far. The devices have advanced so much that the latest models can connect to the internet, operate independently from cell phones and guide you through exercise routines to help you get fit or simply improve your health.


A smartwatch is a device that in addition to displaying the time and date, can perform a wide range of complex tasks. The functions range from connecting to the internet, sending emails, messages, making or receiving phone calls and newer models to connecting to social networks.

Among the most recognized are the Apple Watch, the Samsung Gear, the Huawei Watch and the Fossil Q, which with its recent launch is attracting attention for its long-lasting battery and its operating system.

Some smartwatches include functions similar to Honor fitness bands such as measuring heart rate and steps or distance traveled.

Fitness bands

A fitness band or sports bracelet is an electronic watch type device that, in addition to displaying the time and date, performs a wide range of functions focused on improving health and fitness. A fit band measures your steps, heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned and distance travelled during the day.

The most advanced models of the fit band include routines for different types of exercises ranging from running, going through intense cardio sessions to training focused on specific areas of the body such as abdomen, legs and arms.

In the world of fitness bands, brands such as FitBit, Xioami, Adidas, Huawei and recently Samsung stand out.

Since the fitness band is designed for sports and physical activity, they are water, dust and shock-resistant.

Both the smartwatch and the fitness band need to be connected (via Bluetooth) to a Smartphone to operate optimally, although the basic tasks (show the time, date and heart rate) work autonomously.

How to choose the ideal watch?

Choosing a watch is like choosing a companion of your day today, so do not take it lightly. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your ideal watch:

Watch functionality

What do you want the watch for? Do you need it for your day to day business or do you want to improve your health by measuring your physical activity?

If you are on the wave of fitness and sports a fit band would be ideal, if you are more executive a smartwatch would be the best. Buy affordable smartwatches in Qatar.

Your personal style

A fitness band is usually more casual, just for those who have a more relaxed, carefree style. If you go from meeting to meeting and formal events, a smartwatch may be the best option for your pace.

Watch quality

It is not about getting carried away by brands, but in the case of electronic devices, it is better to opt for what is known. If we talk about smartwatches and fitness bands, it would be best to read some reviews from other users about the product you are interested in.

Your budget

Fitness bands are usually more affordable than smartwatches. You can buy a fitness band (the simplest models) with less than 100 Qatar Riyal, while a smartwatch you will not find for less than 400 or 600 Qatar Riyal depending on the brand, series and model.

If you already decided you can buy your ideal smartwatch online ( at ) or at the local outlet and cell phone stores in the country.