Why You Shouldn’t Miss A Sichuan Wildflower Expedition Tour

wildflower in china

Have you set your eyes on a tour to China? The number of tourists visiting China has just grown exponentially since the start of the millennia. This is no surprise as earlier generations of globe trotters didn’t always visit the country because of the several travel restrictions that existed in the past. But all that is behind us as Chinese tourism industry is growing at a fast pace and they are coming up with ever more existing trips. There is lot to do in this amazing country and given its size and the fact that it was a part of one of the most advanced civilization there is history, culture and modernity everywhere to be explored.

If you haven’t prepared your tour itinerary as yet, we suggest you to go take a trip that lets you explore wildflower in China. These trips have come very popular with tourists these days. What had started as a national obsession is slowly trickling down among International tourists. Search for wildflower tours in China and you would be left amazed at the number of options you have on hand. There are few tour operators that specialize in these tours which explain their growing popularity. If you are looking to explore the richness of nature, we suggest you go for a Sichuan wildflower expedition tour.

You don’t need to be botanist or someone who loves to capture wildflowers in the camera as these tours have become popular with people with varied tastes and interests. The place is located along the South-western part of China along the Tibetan plateau. There are diverse climates in and around the region and it prides itself with having some of the rarest wildflowers in the world. The elevation difference with other parts of China also means that Sichuan is a biodiversity hotspot. Over the last century this place has been one of the favourite hunting grounds for botanists and plant lovers from around the world. If you belong to this community you would always be craving for more during your tour.

  • Why Go for Sichuan Wildflower expedition Tour?

Everyone visiting China does go and get photographed around the Great Wall. Beijing and other booming Chinese cities have also become popular with most vacationers. But if you are planning to do something offbeat and venture out to places that are unexplored or little explored there is nothing better than Sichuan wildflower expedition tour. While the place no longer has the unexplored tag but it once boasted about it is definitely one of those trips that would give you a glimpse into the ancient Chinese civilization. The very journey to this place is as exciting as finding hundreds of species of wild flowers. A part of the legendary Silk Route there are plenty of things to explore here for any visitor. If you take a guided tour to this place you would be able to explore of China’s history, culture and civilization all along the route. There are wild flower species to be found throughout the region which makes your trip even more exciting. At every stopover you would be left amazed with the wonders of Mother Nature as they bloom out in the open. New wildflower species are being discovered in this region almost every year and who knows you may photograph rare species which has so far missed the eyes of experienced botanists! There is plenty to do and explored during your trip to this region and what’s guaranteed is that there would never be a dull moment.

About Author: Tony Lim is a wildflower enthusiast and has taken tourists on Sichuan wildflower expedition tour over the years. He regularly writes about different species of wildflowers in China.

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