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Security system companies UK – telcam Security System is the leading provider of home protection, business security solutions and CCTV systems in the UK. Secure your home or business today!

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Vehicle Trackers

You can control your fleet, observe their location (remotely, around the globe) and be notified of any movement of the vehicles from a specific location or at a specific time (if you’ve told the monitoring station that the vehicle is meant to be parked between specific times in a specific location). You can also have police sent out to the vehicle via the monitoring station, if you think it has been stolen. This system allows you to monitor your assets and maintain control from abroad.

Proximity Chips

In recent times due to increase in electronic technology used in vehicles, vehicles have become easier to steal than ever before. It takes an estimated 44 seconds on average to steal a vehicle using computer software. To prevent this, proximity chips have been developed, allowing the vehicle to start only when this chip is present, therefore proving this method of stealing cars useless

Fire Alarm

Fire alarms are a legal requirement, as they should be. With Telcam, we offer 24/7 installation, customer support and maintenance. If you have a problem with a fire alarm system, you wouldn’t legally be able to open your business and be covered by insurance, unfortunate events could result in you even being sued or imprisoned for not having appropriate fire systems in working order, which can have a damaging affect on your business. With Telcam, you can contact us and have an entire team sent to you, resolving the issue overnight (24/7) to make sure you can open your doors the next morning without a worry

Access Control

Sometimes simple signs, such as “staff only” aren’t enough to keep unwanted visitors at bay. Therefore, we have access control that can control the doors keeping the doors locked, and allowing you to speak to and see who is at the door before you let them in. There are many styles of systems, for example; systems which have mobile apps, hardwired monitors and systems which call your phone when the door bell is pressed giving the illusion that your at home and someone is home, opposed to them ringing the bell multiple times to determine if anyone is present so they can break in (which is a common strategy).

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