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Other than tuition, SmartLab also provide full scale Science Lab / Practical lessons for students taking their GCE ’O’ / ‘A’ Level exam

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Science Enrichment Labs (Pri & Lower Sec)
These programmes aim to develop the students’ interest in Science through guided hands-on experiments. During the process, students will pick up scientific facts and concepts, and the principles of scientific discovery through experimentation. We have different packages for different age groups, ranging from primary to lower secondary levels.

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Venue of Lab : Bishan

‘O’ Level Science Laboratory Preparation
The Science Lab programmes that Smartlab is conducting in Jun 2018 for Sec 4 / ‘O’ Level students will be focused on preparing students for practical examinations or other assessments. Science practicals require a lot more time and resources to prepare and conduct as compared to classroom lessons. Students frequently do not get as much practice and training as they would like. Additional sessions would therefore greatly benefit them in familiarising and preparing them for science practical assessments, enabling them to feel more confident and score better.
SmartLab is one of few centres with a fully equipped, MOE-approved Science Lab (for Educational purposes).

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– Cambridge Marking Scheme (how they set and mark exam questions) helps your child focus on effective answering techniques

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