How to Recognize the Signs that your Property Needs Waterproofing

Water damage is one of the most common signs of weak foundation and low maintenance. No matter how essential waterproofing is, most people choose to neglect its effects until it’s too late. Be it your residential building or your corporate building, you would want to take care of it and also protect the assets inside. Since your home is where you create memories, you would not want it to be spoiled by water damage. The same goes for commercial spaces as well, which houses not only business assets but also employees who will be exposed to harmful factors like mold and mildew if necessary action is not taken on time. This also increases the chance of contracting illnesses.

There are minor damages that can be fixed with much less hassle than waiting for it to blow out of proportion and risk your health and finances. However, not everyone can understand signs of water damage in their buildings and this is why you need professional help for waterproofing Melbourne cbd and other commercial as well as residential properties. Not only can these experts provide waterproofing services but also offer helpful maintenance solutions.

Below is a constructed list of signs of damage that you need to know and verify in your property to understand if you need waterproofing or not:

  •  Musty and damp stench

Even if you do not notice physical symptoms, try to look for powerful and pungent smells that comes off of the wall corners and basements. There could actually be years of water seepage accumulated inside and this is a good way of understanding hidden areas that need waterproofing.

  •   Mold and mildew

This is the most visible sign of damage that must not be ignored, whether it is green, white or black in color. The presence of mold is never a good thing as it causes patches on the walls as also respiratory diseases by spreading very quickly. Try not to fix molds by yourself and instead take professional help to eliminate it from its roots.

  •  Efflorescence on walls

Efflorescence is something that you will be able to identify easily. It is the white coating on walls which feels chalky on the surface. This is essentially formed due to the transfer of salt to the surface area of porous materials like concrete. If there are any cracks or openings in the walls of your building, which can let water in, this would be a definite symptom of that. Although not as harmful as the above feature, it should not be ignored.

  •  Cracks and minor gaps

Cracks and small gaps, if detected early can save you huge amounts of money spent on repairing of big cracks that develop over time along with water seepage. If you notice only cracks and no signs of water damage yet, do not choose to turn a blind eye but try to fix it immediately as this initial waterproofing remedy will be the least expensive of all.

So, if you feel the need for repairing such structures with waterproofing or want to conduct a professional assessment of your property, contact any of the numerous companies in Australia that offer waterproofing Blackburn, Melbourne and so on.

Author Bio: Jimmy Cox, a regular blogger on waterproofing Blackburn shows how early signs of water damage can be recognized with characteristic features and how one can alter it with waterproofing Melbourne cbd, St. Kilda, and other places in Australia.

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