Some Reasons Why Copper Roofing Is Definitely Worth The Higher Upfront Costs


When it comes to metal features for your home or business it’s hard argue with the timeless value of copper gutters Chicago and other copper features. Make no mistake right off the bat, you are going to pay a bit more up front if you decide to adorn your property with copper. That being said, it offers much more value and ROI than any other metal in the home design industry – and it’s not just monetary compensation that you’ll see. Here are the benefits of going with copper roofing specialists and using the ‘bronze gold’ for your ornamental work.

When Copper Ages It Actually Becomes More Valuable

When copper roofing specialists install a new copper roof on your home or business, it will have an orange/brown hue at first. That’s a shiny new look that gives a luxurious appeal. As the roof (or fence or fascia or flashing, etc.) ages, it starts to turn brownish-gray and then blue gray in a process known as ‘patina.’ This helps to give your property a more rustic look as it ages and that’s a very desirable look according to a majority of real estate agents.

Copper Is Lightweight Yet Durable

Copper has a lifespan of 40-50 years or more and that’s generally because it’s very resistant to damage from storms. At the same time the metal is also lightweight compared to steel. With copper roofing specialists a lighter weight is desirable because it’s easier to install but also adds less of a load to your home or business structure.

A Maintenance Free Metal

With steel features you always have to maintain the surfaces to prevent oxidization and rusting. This includes touching up gouges and scratches by repainting them on an annual basis and in many casing applying a whole new coat as often as every 5 years. This is one reason why copper gutters Chicago for example have such a great ROI – there’s no annual costs of paint, coatings, etc. This is because copper does not erode or rust and it can withstand rain without ever needing any waterproofing or sealing.

Copper Roofing Helps Reduce Energy Costs

If you’re familiar with copper at all you know it has a reflective coating that is very valuable in bouncing away the sun’s rays. This helps to keep a cooler home in the Summer. Copper is also thick enough to retain the heat from your furnace in the Summer which makes it a win-win material.

Other Copper Intangibles

Copper is a ‘green’ building material because it is known for its recyclability. In a copper roofing installation for example up to 75% of the material comes from recycled elements. Using copper in your home or business also boosts the resale value of your property because the tone and durability improves the curb appeal of the space. It might just be an attractive copper roof or copper gutters Chicago that attracts a potential buyer to your building and orchestrates the sale.


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