Printing images, papers, and graphics has become an eminent part of the day to day office work. Hence, high-speed printing is extremely important for effective and efficient functioning. Your HP printer might work slowly due to multiple small issues which can be resolved easily.

Here are some of the major issues which result in slow printing, resolve these issues in a minute and get your printing task done in a blink of an eye –

High-resolution image – If your printer has high-resolution settings then the printing process might take quite a long time. The reason behind it is that the images which are high in resolution contain more data and your printer as well as PC takes comparatively more time to accomplish the command. You can change the settings to standard or normal mode if you require printing office documents only.

Select your driver wisely – You might find it surprising but yes your drivers also determine the speed of the printing process. There are multiple drivers available such as a host-based driver, PCL, and PostScript. You can make use of PCL in your regular days as it offers fast printing while if you need high graphic prints instantly then PostScript is the best option for you.

Use simplex mode – Generally, there are two printing modes, one is simplex, and the other is two-sided mode. Although in the simplex printing mode, only one side of the paper is used for printing but it provides print faster in comparison to the two-sided model.

Paper Jam – The paper might get jammed and can become the cause of the delay in print. You can check the user manual or assistance videos to resolve this issue. It is advisable to check the paper path and remove the paper stuck amid rollers.

Outdated printer – It might also be the case that your printer is old and the technology you are using is obsolete. The old and obsolete technology might also be responsible for the slow functioning of your printer. Now, it is the time to change your printer and use the latest technology to experience easy and instant print process.

In addition to the issues listed above, there might be any other problem which can delay the functioning of your printer. Some of the common issues include non-functioning of the printer, advanced setting and so on.

Take help from experts

If even after taking the measures listed above, you are not able to enhance the speed of your printer then you must Contact Hp Support for instant help. The experts will directly provide you assistance to speed up the printing process. You can easily get the customer support number online in just clicks at contactforhelp which is an online directory for support.   So, if your printer is functioning slowly, check for the above-listed issues first and try them in order to resolve your slow printing issue. However, if you are not able to resolve the issue, then Hp customer support is just a call away. The experts can also guide you about the numerous other trouble faced by HP printer and how to fix them?

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