Most Profitable Businesses that You Can Run from a Computer

Advanced technologies, smart devices and the availability of internet connection have completely shaped our society in a different way. From booking a cab to shopping daily needs, everything has become online and easier like never before. As a tech-savvy, if you think you can make full use of your computer and the internet connection then many opportunities are waiting for you. In the section below we will reveal a list of the most profitable businesses that you can run from your laptop only.

Web Development and Designing

Our world is moving forward towards digitalization. To fuel this new world we need more and more dynamic web designers and developers. So if you think you have the knowledge of web designing languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and development language like PHP or Ruby then you can obviously try your luck in this billion dollar industry where success is almost guaranteed.

Mobile App Developer

This is also another big industry that offers a wide window of opportunity. If you have the knowledge of C++, Java or Swift then you can consider starting up a business in this industry. International Telecommunication Union reported that there are more than 2 billion mobile apps and the numbers are still growing.

It is expected that mobile app market will be more prosperous in the recent few years. So, you can consider launching your business as a mobile app development company before the competition gets tough.


With the rise of WordPress and other similar CMS and blogging platforms, it has been really easier for writers to start their own blog. You do not have to be a typical geek to run your blog efficiently. CMS like WordPress has made blogging solution really easier. Now anyone can edit or post content with the help of WordPress or other similar content management system. Blogging offers plenty of opportunities to earn money.

For example, you can earn plenty of money from AdSense if you manage to rank higher for a highly profitable keyword. Meanwhile, you can also make revenue from the commission. In that case, you have to take your blogging skill to the affiliate level. Through affiliate marketing, you will earn commission for every product you sell.


Transcription is also another emerging industry and it is expected that in the coming few years the industry will be doubled in terms of revenue. Transcription, in general, is a process of converting an audio or video file into a text document. The wide availability of internet connection and laptops has made it easier for businesses to offer quality transcription services.

Businesses, professors, speakers, students they all need transcription at some point. So, it is fair to conclude that you will get plenty of opportunities in this industry to make your business running.

If you are serious about your entrepreneurship then you also need to focus on branding and marketing your businesses. It will potentially help your business to grow faster. You can hire one of the best digital marketing agencies in Leeds, UK to unlock your marketing potentiality.

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