Image Annotation

Polyline Annotation Services for Self Driving Car

Cogito is providing Polyline annotation for lane detection through computer vision in machine learning for self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles. With line and spline annotation service, it is making the road surface marking recognizable to such autonomous cars to detect the path and drive in the right lane.

Using the polyline annotation service, Cogito makes the streets line and length recognizable through computer vision. The road surface marking like single lane, double lane, broken lane and other types of lane have different indication for drivers to drive accordingly to avoid any kind of traffic rules violation or road accidents.

Polyline Image Annotation

Polyline Annotation Covers Following Services:

  • Line Annotation Services
  • Spline Annotation Services
  • Polyline Annotation for Lane Detection
  • Line Annotation for Road Surface Marking
  • Spline for Accurate Path Detection
  • Precise Lane Detection with Annotation

Cogito is expert in image annotation services and can annotate the road images with accurate lining alongside the lane using the Polyline, Spline and Line annotation techniques. It can create huge amount of training data sets for AI-based self-driving cars and autonomous vehicle model development at very affordable charges.