Plan a corporate retreat at a city resort

Life in a corporate organization can be hard. The immense work pressure, the difficult targets set, and the rush to finish before deadline – all this creates a lot of mental stress. To keep working non-stop without any break can lead to fatigue and tiredness. In some cases, it may lead to ego hassles with team members and even job frustration. This is why most corporate organizations nowadays organize team outings for their employees. There are many corporate team building events near Kolkata that happen.

Team outings are proven to increase employee productivity. There are many corporate retreat venues near the city that is ideal for spending a relaxing weekend and enjoy some fun time with your colleagues and co-workers. Corporate outings provide a well deserved break to all the employees. Being away from the stresses of work allows the employees to feel mentally rejuvenated. By participating in any corporate team building events near Kolkata, employees can interact with their co-workers in a more causal environment, thus, helping to build stronger working relationships. They return back to work feeling energized and active.

Corporate events can be of many types. Apart from team outings, they also include training workshop, shareholders’ meeting or an annual general conference. Planning a corporate event can prove to be a hard task. The responsibility is more because the company’s money and resources are involved. When selecting a corporate meeting venue near Kolkata, the event planner must keep some considerations in mind.

An emerging trend nowadays is to host a corporate event in a luxury resort in the city. These resorts offer large conference rooms which are spacious enough to accommodate more than a few hundred people. They are ideal for organizing an annual conference or business meeting. Most of the luxury resorts in the city have all inclusive packages for corporate events. Heavy discounts are provided if bulk booking is done in advance time.

The location of your corporate meeting venue near Kolkata will have an impact on the overall success of your event. The venue chosen should be easily accessible. If the resort is too far away from the city, many attendees might give it a skip. Make sure that the location is well connected with road transport. If you are expecting delegates from other cities, it is best to choose a venue that is near to the airport. In case of planning a team outing, the resort should not be difficult to reach. If too much time is spent on travelling, employees will feel tired even before reaching the venue. This will hamper any plans for team building activities.

For a business conference, the resort should have air conditioned meeting rooms. Essential equipment should be in good working condition such as audio-visual projectors, screens, adaptors, white boards, markers, and more. The chairs should be ergonomic so that delegates can sit comfortably for long hours. The resort should also have free and secure parking available. This is important in case some delegates choose to come in their personal vehicle.

When choosing a venue for corporate team outing, the resort should have a range of recreational activities available. To encourage team building, companies often organize cricket matches or badminton games. To arrange this, the resort must have enough of open space. Most of these resorts include special attractions like swimming pool, cricket pitch, football ground, badminton court, indoor games room, spas, restaurants and bars. Some properties even have inbound natural lake where guests can enjoy peaceful boating rides. There are few resorts that offer adventure activities like kayaking, archery, rifle shooting, trampoline, zipline, friendship ladder, rope course, zoomering, zorbing. These recreational facilities help employees to unwind and relax. Participating in these fun and leisure activities provides a good break from all work stress. A fun team outing can lead to renewed energy levels for the employees.

Finally, the most important consideration before selecting any corporate team meeting venue is the food and catering services. Always choose a resort that offers delicious food. Companies must make enquiries from trusted sources about the quality of food served at the venue. Whether it is an annual conference, business meeting or team outing, attendees always expect good food at all corporate events. Hence, it is important to select a venue with good catering services.


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