What You Need To Know About Windshield Safety

The windshield is a vital component of a car that offers visibility and structural support to the vehicle. The safety of the windscreen is critical as any damage to the auto glass can lead to loss of visibility. A small chip in the windshield can grow into a large crack which hampers the visibility and increases the risk of accidents.

The windscreen of your car should always be in perfect condition to offer you clear visibility during the day and night. This post shares some vital information on the car windshield safety.

A windscreen is only for visibility
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It is a common misconception that windshield only offers the visibility to the driver and passengers. The truth is that apart from visibility, it is also an element of safety. The windshield of a car provides structural support to the roof and prevents the external components from entering the vehicle.

It also prevents the car structure from collapsing in case of an accident. Any harm to the windshield should be repaired as soon as possible as a single crack affects the visibility as well as the safety of passengers.

Importance of regular cleaning
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It is essential to clean the windshield of your car regularly. Any dirt or dust particles can develop the scratches on the glass when you run the wipers of your car. A clean windscreen is less prone to damage by the wipers. Make sure you don’t use a dry cloth, sponge or towel to clean the glass of your car. Instead, use a microfiber cloth to clean your windscreen.

Moreover, it is essential to use only the recommended auto glass cleaner to clean the windscreen. You should not use an ordinary glass cleaner or any other surface cleaner to clean your auto glass as it can harm the windshield. Read the cleaning instructions in your car manual before you clean the windshield.

Don’t park in the direct sun

To protect your windscreen from heat and temperature variation, you should try not to park your car in the direct sun. Overheating causes the glass to expand and weaken over time. Moreover, when parked under direct sunlight, you should not immediately turn on your AC in an attempt to cool the interior of your car. Also, one should avoid parking the car under the trees as any broken branches can fall on your windscreen.

Examine your windscreen
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Most people enter their car in the morning in a hurry to rush to their office. They don’t examine their car due to their busy schedules. It is essential to examine your windscreen regularly to detect any damage at the right time. It is possible to overlook small chips and cracks until they turn into large cracks.

You should examine your windscreen at least once a week to detect even the tiny chips or cracks so that they can be repaired as soon as possible. A small chip can turn into a large crack and damage the entire windscreen. Replacing the auto glass cost is higher than repairing of small chips.

Avoid the extreme temperatures

Car owners living in the places with extreme temperature conditions face a lot of problems with the windshield. The extreme temperatures can harm your windshield. Too high temperature leads to expansion of the glass and too low temperatures lead to contraction of the glass. This is important if you already have a crack in your auto glass as cracked windshields are more prone to damage in extreme temperatures.

You should avoid going on trips to locations with too hot or too cold climatic conditions. In the areas with too hot climate, you should avoid using your AC on the highest cooling. Also, you should not use your heater on a high setting while you are in a too cold location.

Replace your wipers
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It is essential to check the health of your car wipers regularly and replace them if damaged. After prolonged use, the rubber of wipers gets worn, and the steel comes in direct contact with the glass. Direct contact between the wipers and windscreen can cause severe damage to the glass. Therefore, it is essential to replace the rubber as soon as it is worn or replace the entire wiper set if any signs of corrosion are visible.

Never slam your doors

Your car can tolerate the potholes, and rough roads as the suspensions absorb the shocks. However, the slamming of doors causes severe vibrations that are harmful to your windscreen. You should never slam the doors of your car, especially if there is already a crack or chip in your windshield.

Final words

A windshield is one of the essential components of your car.  You should take extreme care of your windscreen as it offers visibility to the driver and safety to the passengers. In case of any damage, you should get it repaired immediately by a professional.

Replacement is expensive than repair; however, it is better to replace the windscreen, if the damage is substantial or on the driver’s side. Regular examining, cleaning and taking care of the points mentioned in this post will help you to keep your windscreen in perfect condition.  Dragon Auto Glass help windscreen chip repair Brisbane.

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