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Monica Kretschmer, The Nest Calgary | Canadian Business Chicks | Gold Digger & Fraud has a 72 year old Sugar Daddy

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I pretend to be many things, and I am very well versed in convincing people of my complete and utter bullshit. In the media and public, I am described as outgoing, gregarious, intelligent and kind: I help and advise women in business and in life.

But in MY real life, I am a liar, a fraud, and a complete failure in life. I tell people I am a single mother, and at at one point in my life was homeless with a new baby. However, this is a carefully rehearsed and crafted lie, as my child’s father in VERY involved in his life, I am paid very high amounts of child support, and I have never been without a home or place to stay, as my mother is in Calgary.

With Canadian Business Chicks and Women of Inspiration, I am advising women to life with purpose, be authentic and be strong. But in my REAL life, I have never owned a business of my own prior to Business Chicks. In fact, I even failed the Calgary Real Estate Licence exam so many times, that I am unable to ever apply to take it again.

canadian business chicks

I purport to be a strong single woman, taking care of myself, when in reality I have been secretly dating/having sex with elderly millionaire Tim Morgan who was my former Westjet and Enerjet boss; he pays my bills, bought me my house and has paid for my life for over 11 years.






Monica Kretschmer, “Woman of Inspiration”

Having Sex With (“Dating”) Old Men to Finance My Lifestyle
Being a Known Gold-Digger from Previous Relationships and MULTIPLE ENGAGEMENTS to Wealthy Men who Dumped Me
Being a Fraud and a Hypocrite, and Having No Business Advising Other Woman on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship or Authenticity
Being a Liar Who Has Everyone Convinced That My Own “Inspirational Story and Adversity” is True



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