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When it comes to mobile app development, 2017 proved to be a year of phenomenal success. Some of the more popular mobile app development trends that took over the year 2017 include:

  • Wireless Audio – Everyone wanted the Apple AirPods when they hit the market with a bang. Many fashion magazines even declared them as a fashion accessory.
  • Smart Home Technology- More home appliances made friends with internet technology this year thanks to advancement in IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Location Based Technology- Has to be one of the most popular trends of 2017. Every app (social media, games, music, video app etc.) has maps inbuilt and search engines are offering localized search results.

These above-mentioned trends are but a few of the trends that made the highlight of mobile app development in this past year. In this article, we have summarized a few of the newer trends that will continue to be the focus of the Android Application Development Services, Windows, and iOS Application Development Services:

 mobile app development

The IoT Will Keep Up the Growth:

A bit obvious we know, but the trend of IoT is one of the hottest trends of 2018. Instead of having an explosion of IoT, we are more likely to be in for a steady season of growth IoT in retail, healthcare, and industrial sectors mostly.

Internet of Things apps are currently being developed for smarter homes, digital wearables, smarter cities, smarter grids, industrial intent, connected cars, connected health, smart retail, smart supply chain, smart farming. And this trend will only get more investments and added market share where a lot more devices will be in play along with smartphones. (Remember Spectacles by Snap Inc?)


Accelerated Mobile Pages Will Become More Common:

Google in collab with Twitter launched the project AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a stripped down form of HTML which is designed to lightweight and can be loaded really fast. These web pages enable features like lazy loading since they are designed for optimized readability and reduced bounce rates, and it strips out any unnecessary codes. AMP also providers the advertisers to boost visibility and the number of visitors.


Online Shopping & Billing Will be More Facilitated:

The frenzy of e-commerce mobile app development will only continue to grow and will be presented with better ui ux design and development services by all major e-commerce players. Also when it comes to paying bills, the credit cards are going to have to step into rear-view as Apple Pay and Google Wallet are making people be even more inclined towards m-commerce in 2018.


AR & VR are Only Getting Started:

We all have seen Pokémon Go take the world by storm in 2016, that’s the power of Augmented Reality AR and its only beginning to open new horizons to those in the product based businesses. Businesses can properly show their products to prospective employees in real time to eliminate their concerns.

Virtual Reality is also using photography and technology to make brands create virtual showrooms and interact with customers on a closer level. Healthcare, video entertainment, live events, and games are the sectors being benefitted most by AR and VR.


On Demand & Enterprise Apps Will Keep on Renovating How Business Operate

On-demand apps are making businesses facilitate the users with fully featured complete mobile applications. They can be used anywhere from any device and are gaining popularity for their convenience. With Bring Your Own Device BOYD model being popular in workplaces, the demand for enterprise mobility services has also hiked. More than half of the major organizations now have, or are in the process of having their own in-house app developed to increase performance efficiency.


Android Instant Apps on the Rise

Android Instant apps are native apps that can operate like websites for speedier service delivery. You can save your device memory as these apps don’t require installation. Essentially this means that all the borders between application and websites are merged to deliver the best of both worlds. These instant apps support all Android versions starting from Jelly Bean to the latest Oreo.


Security to Become a Major Concern for Online Safety

Modern apps are demanding more personal information from customers than ever, which is why security is a topmost concern for almost all developers. So this year enhancing UX for a secure app experience is also going to be a popular trend to guarantee data safety to users.


AI, Machine Learning & Chabot to Become More Efficient


Customized interactive commerce and chatting are way too tempting for users to resist, which obviously means that businesses will be working on it. Modern mobile app developers are focusing on learning user’s preferences to personalize his or her experience. Artificial intelligence apps have been popular for many years now but still, advancements are being made in how they interact with people by incorporating human-like awareness.

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