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Bidzee is providing marriage hall rentals, wedding venues in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. Book online wedding ceremony venues, reception halls @

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When you are hosting an event like a marriage, banquet, birthday or just a social gathering, there are so many aspects to be taken care of that you can go crazy trying to get everything done on time – booking the venue, arranging caterers for food, getting the florists, beauticians and decorators on board, and so many other loose ends that need to be tied up on time.

Wouldn’t it is great if you could find all these service providers at one place and pick and choose from them based on bids that they would place for your order? We provide an online digital platform for this through the bidzee app, which gives you the best combination of convenience and economy.

Fully User-friendly
The best convenience of this app is that everything you might need is available in one place, and you needn’t hunt all over to find service providers. The second convenience is that you get not one vendor but a number of competitive bidders for each service category. That allows you to choose, negotiate and then select from among the available choices.

Bidding for services
If you are a service provider who has enlisted with us and downloaded our app, you would get notifications as soon as the prospective client enters a requirement on our app. The requirements page would contain all the details necessary for you to understand the scope of work expected of you. Based on that, you can place your bid on the app, which would be immediately conveyed to the client.

Events Booking
There are a large number of event categories of events that we feature in our app. As a client, you can open a requirement for more than one service at a time. Similarly, as a vendor, you could bid for multiple requirements of the same client and also multiple clients.

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Offline Ticketing
The app can also operate offline when needed if you have downloaded the app. There are several events for which tickets would be available through our app, which could be sports events, plays, musical concerts, dance recitals, etc.

Easy To Use
Whether you are a service provider or a client, our app is very easy to use. Both clients, as well as bidding vendors, will get automated notifications whenever it is called for. A client would be notified when a vendor has bid for their work, and later on, when the vendor has been finalized, the client would get a notification about completion of certain portions of the work as well full and final completion of the work

Referral points
We believe that any user who uses our app would surely be benefited and would also return again to use the app. But we like to say a small ‘thank you’ to our valued clients and our dear vendors. Our app not only provides a single unified portal for both users and providers of all kinds of services related to different kinds of events, but it can also help you collect loyalty points for continued usage.

Invitation cards
Return Gifts
Decorations (general or as per a theme)
Special Requests

Marriage Wear for bride and groom
Invitation Cards
Catering (food and beverages)
Flowers and decorations
Photography and videography
Religious Services (pandith, Maulvi, pastor etc)
Honeymoon trip
Any Other Requests

Marketing Event
Event Decoration
Speaker Lineup
Audiovisual support
In-Event Promotional Material
Social Media management
Food and Beverages
Stay Arrangements (if needed)

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