All About Marquise Cut Diamond

Marquise is amid the most glittering cuts of diamonds. Owing to its dazzling beauty and classic style, it has turned into a favorite and also a popular pick for engagement rings. The ultimate creation and shape of a Marquise dates back to the time of King Louis XV. He wanted a diamond that resembles the shape of the mouth of his mistress, hence the court jeweler had been ordered to create one and the result of his efforts and hard work was the Marquise. The marquise cut diamond for some enhances only the stone’s romantic value while for others they appreciate the fact that this cut of diamond succeeded to survive the evolving amends of cuts and styles in diamond of which most older cuts today are no longer produced.

This is basically a cross amid a diamond and an oval shape. Having long and smooth rounded sides and pointed ends, a marquise cut diamond is indeed a beauty, be it in a multi-store grouping or a solitaire. Maximum people select it as stone to be placed at the center, especially in groups settings. This cut, however appears quite fetching, especially when fixed as a side stone along with a princess cut diamond or a round brilliant diamond in the center.

For Marquise cut diamonds just as any other diamonds, people can select from assorted settings while top quality settings indeed will help in showcasing the diamond beautifully. The best part is people can select from sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold or platinum as per their choice. Regardless of which metal one selects, they should make sure that their setting is strong enough to prevent the Marquise from popping out of place easily. Most importantly insure it against theft, damage or loss.

No matter one desires to buy a Marquise diamond for an anniversary, engagement or Valentines day, it will always be an excellent pick. The immeasurable beauty, classic style and rich history of Marquise will make a loved one elated to receive as well as treasure it all through their life. Once a person has decided to buy a Marquise cut, they should make it a point in checking its color and overall clarity. Owing to the Marquise cut shape, the diamond’s clarity and cut will be more apparent.

So consider all these points while purchasing Marquise cut jewelry and you will realize that it is an absolute value for money.

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