What Makes Jewelry Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

There is a fine line between buying unreasonably expensive jewelry and buying jewelry that looks far more expensive than their real cost. Quite reasonably, buyers will side with the second for obvious reasons. But, to be able to identify such pieces, you have to have a comprehensive understanding of what refines the looks of a jewel and what downplays it. Let’s take a look at some of these finer points that will help you make the best choice out of the expense you can manage.

What Looks Grownup Looks Expensive

Even though women’s fetish for cutesy curios is nearly incurable, there are times you need to shut that childish side of yourself. Beauty of jewelry is in its maturity of concept and refinement of design. Move away from the butterflies and unicorns side of the aisle and step into the more lady-like part of the gallery. Here cute may be missing, but what it’s replaced by is sophistication, something that comes with age. Avoid bright colors and fantasy creatures in precious jewels. Do for concrete shapes and meaningful designs.

Pearls and Not Charms

If you want your ornament to spell something about your social standing, then avoid buying charm bracelets and cute letter pendants. Pearls, for one is a substantial promotion. Jewelry that use real pearl are high fashion items. If you can’t afford a real pearl, no matter, even farm pearls can substantially levitate the appearance of jewelry, making it look chic and expensive. Such is the effect of pearls.

Rich Enamel Work

Enameled baubles are hardly as expensive as those wearing gemstones. Find jewelry that have nice enamel work. However, be careful, because sloppy enamel work can downgrade the final appearance of a jewelry making it look cheap and trivial with just a single instance of overlapping. So, be particular about perfection and finesse when it comes to buying enameled jewelry.

Bling with a Contrast

There is hardly anything as classy as yellow gold, but not when the design is sloppy. An out and out yellow gold ornament may look cheap as opposed to one that uses a little touch of gems or even enamel. The contrast created sparks up an aesthetic appeal which gold alone cannot achieve. The best thing about buying a yellow gold ornament with a touch of enamel or gems to it is that it still uses the same, or possibly lesser karats of gold as the gold-only pieces.

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