Make Your Website Attract Real Business- 360Edukraft

Most of the entrepreneurs with an enthusiasm to launch something great and with a hefty amount in their pockets assume they can conquer the market by just having the tools that are required. While it is true that having the adequate and most updated tools is important for a digital marketer or a DIY entrepreneur, the optimum use of these tools is equally, or sometimes even more, important.

Other than the tools, the quality of interfaces that you use to connect with the prospective customers, plays a key role in the process. And then some of the basics that every entrepreneur trying to build an online presence or approaching a mobile app development for the first time, must know.

So if you are an entrepreneur, and are unfortunately facing hardships in getting your fortune up and running, this quick read is exclusively for you. We are going to discuss the top three factors and explain how you can improve them to get positive, tangible results. Up for it? Here you go:

Review the Content, Plug the Loopholes

Assuming that your Digital marketing techniques are good, the proof of which is that you are ranking above your competitors, your website shall be breaking a leg. But then something isn’t right as you can see you are getting traffic but not quality leads, with conversion rates taking a nosedive.

In this case, check the quality of your content. And by quality, we do not mean SEO optimization or keyword stuffing to attract more traffic. We are trying to point out what the website content is trying to say, how relevant it is to your business, how well it connects with the visitors and lastly, how compelling it is for a visitor to consider your business ‘the one’.

There are many websites that rank on Google Search results’ top 10 positions, due to the SEO practices they have. But unfortunately, visibility is not the only thing that contributes to conversion.

So, your best and the only bet is to create content that is:

  • A Good read
  • Sticks to the point from the very beginning
  • Structured
  • Relevantly at par with your target customers’ requirements
  • Sprinkled and not showered with keywords.

Remember, a quality lead would convert only if your website gives an elaborate impression of you thoroughly knowing what you do, and one of the ways to achieve a part of this is quality content that is relevant to the readers or targeted audience.

See what’s going on with your SEO

Another case could be that your website has everything that we have mentioned in point number 1, but is dragging big time when it comes to SEO. In this case, a lot needs to be done on different levels such as on-page/off-page optimization, finding new and relevant keywords with proven keyword research tools, consider paid options if things are lurking too low.

But most importantly, you have to focus more on working your ground. Adopt different approaches for pages that are ranking and pages that aren’t, and set and define deadlines to bring improvement to each. Consider distributing traffic with different types of keywords on the basis of how they rank on Google Search.

And if you are losing out too much on a keyword, which is still exclusive to your business, think twice before disposing of it. Stick strictly to the on-page SEO guidelines regarding title, Meta description, focus keywords and more.

Is your Design delivering the Right Message?

The significance of design may not be apparent to many, but it actually does a lot, subconsciously. If your website has poor design and doesn’t compliment the theme and type of leads you are trying to attract, you have a serious situation here.

Although the visibility you gain with good SEO practices may get you traffic and visitors, please note that only a few from the quality leads are there to stay. And just like content, however different in the way it’s perceived, the design is equally important in leaving that impression that works like a charm.

If you are a product-based website, use a proportionate amount of negative space to put your product in focus. The use of negative space creates a clutter-free aura with a minimalistic appearance that makes it easy for visitors to understand your work better.

A more advanced website design, which has gone quite hot among web designers is a guided website design, which has proved to be quite effective. The USP of this type of design is in its comprehensiveness as it guides a visitor through all the services a business provides but in the form of a guided tour.