List of Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in the French Pyrenees

Along with the presence of heavenly natural setting as well as sacrosanct pilgrimage sites, the Pyrenees is indeed one of the most spiritually inspiring places. One gets to see the incredible landscape of high peaks, dramatic gorges, green valleys, rushing waterfalls and numbers of pristine lakes.

Majority of the important towns of the location lie along with the river banks and thus it creates a majestic ambience. Tourists planning or going in the Pyrenees this vacation along with the loved ones must have the details about the list of activities to explore in the Pyrenees.

  1. Hike Everywhere
  2. The Pyrenees also has another name – hiking paradise. Tourist will get to see tons of acne to stay in the area and it is for sure that their minds will blow away with the diversity of the flora and fauna in the region. Don’t miss out this opportunity to apprehend all the breathtaking landscapes on the lenses.

  3. Visit Lourdes – The Most Spiritual Sites in the World
  4. Primarily popular for its reinvigorated citadel, Lourdes expanded international gratitude in 1858 when the farmworker Bernadette Soubirou appealed that he has seen Virgin Mary in a number of existences. As of now, Lourdes is considered as the second most popular as well as stayed city in France and is in the third position for practising Catholic religious practices post the Holy Land and Rome.

  5. Dive in the Cirque de Gavarnie
  6. Portrayed as the ‘Colosseum of Nature’ because of the gigantic size and identical shape identical to the amphitheatre, it is important that the tourists should keep this place on the top of their list of exploring the location. One of the easiest ways to enter this UNESCO recognized World Heritage Site is through the Gavarnie village. This is something where tourists can make the most of Pyrenees cycling experience.

  7. Hike Pic du Midi
  8. This is a place where one can enjoy the remarkable panoramic view of the Pyrenees mountain chain. One of the best ways to reach out to this place is through cable car and this should be placed on the top of the priority list.

    To add more sparks to this experience, one can also take a halt for a night and spend the wild night in the refuges full of luxurious amenities. The best thing that happens is that the tourists will sleep with the starts and eyewitness the rise of the sun.

  9. Allow Chemin des Cascades to Steal the Breathe Away
  10. Just close both the eyes and imagine standing in front of a surprising waterfall? Isn’t a dreamlike setting? Do not miss out to shed a significant amount of time to witness this extraordinary moment. It is good to make use of high-quality hiking shoes as the ways can be little dicey at times. Going to explore this place without a camera will fill the hearts of the tourists with great regret for sure.

Many other locations are also there for the tourists to explore and to make Pyrenees cycling experience memorable for the rest of the life. Don’t forget to get the bookings done by professional service providers that have got experience in handling as well as organizing such trips.

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