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Study in Poland

Had you ever heard the beautiful Tatra Mountains or the Masurian Lake District, probably you wanted to visit Poland. The term “Poland” may bring to mind cold weather, or perhaps cold cuts of meat. The

 Study in Poland is becoming an affordable, attractive, and various options for working and studying abroad. If you are planning a trip for study purpose then you must know that Poland has an excellent university in the world. Modernity also involves in its contribution to the development of institutions specialized in army, arts, economics and medicine and others.

There are more than 400 higher-education institutions in Poland which welcomed by around 1.6 million students yearly. You should also know that Poland is known to be an accessible European country, with the broad perspective and strong history.

Tuition fees in Poland

  • 1500 EUR for Bachelor, Master degree courses, and professional studies.
  • 2500 EUR for vocational courses and PhD.
  • Private universities would be able to charge average tuition fees of 50,000 EUR/year, depending on the level of specialization and education.
  • Along with this, you have the right to apply for a public university and complete with polish students. Although, admissions have a higher difficulty than in other cases and you will be enrolled in a programme taught in Polish.

Accommodation costs in Poland:

study in poland for indian students

Housing is a dominant subject in Poland since it represents 35% of the total monthly budget, according to a European study. The Study in Poland for Indian Students may vary from different services dedicated to students who seek to house off-campus.

The cost of accommodation in Poland is a bit above the European average of 150 – 200 EUR/month. Although, private rental apartments have high standards.

  • Students who live alone: 360 EUR/month
  • Students who are living with partner, family, and child: 450 EUR/month
  • Those students who are living in university campuses: 250 EUR/month
  • On-campus housing is not too accessible to students. Peerless 15% of them live in residence halls and only 55% of them are satisfied with the services and housing itself. You can take single-bedroom apartment costs around 250 – 350 EUR/month.

Other relevant costs associated with accommodation

cost of living in poland

Cost of Living in Poland could also be considered the two months deposit that many of the landlords ask when you move into your rental apartment.

Food cost:

It’s awesome; food for an international student usually costs only 100 – 120 EUR/month. Even more, you can save some money if you are choosing to buy groceries and you can shop from low-priced supermarkets. Some of the most widespread ones are Auchan, Carrefour, Lidl, and Leclerc. You can also enjoy a dinner at an affordable restaurant for only 4 EUR or pay 20 EUR for three times of meal in an average restaurant. You will also surprise to know the cost of a light drink only 2 EUR.

Unique Benefits

  • Poland has a long academic tradition, from the 14th century. Polish tuition is considerably lower than other destinations, even for medical and engineering field. You can also check out the fee structure from Migration Agent Perth.
  • Poland has amazing routes and panoramic views. So you would be able to walk by foot. Not to worry if you are enjoying a car, only 15% of the students in Poland, you will pay probably 1 EUR. It’s really amazing.
  • Last but not the least, if you want to work in IT sector, or more multinational companies such as Intel, Microsoft Google set up bases in Poland. But for some reason, you don’t want to continue with Poland. You will still have a thorough European education that will prepare for a career in any English-speaking country.

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