Know the Details about the Various Types of Cancer and Cure Procedure

Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases for human. The treatment procedure of it is not so easy. If cancer caught at the early stage then only it can be treated. There are several types of cancer is available which all are organ specific and for that oncologist try different treatment options like chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, and much-targeted therapy.

Basically, cancer does not have any specific treatment procedure. By the combination of all this process, you can only cure cancer at the initial stage of it. But if it reaches the advanced stage then it is very difficult to recover and in the maximum case, it can’t. Maximum modern cancer treatment procedure has side effects. In the study of cancer, it is very important to understand the treatment of the tumour with maximum reliability. This is very helpful for the damage of tumour with the damage of organ and minimizes the chance of development of tumour cells.

Various type of cancer

  • Breast cancer: It is very common among the women. This type of cancer starts from the breast of women and converted into lung cancer. If this cancer caught at the early stage then it is curable by the needed treatments. The growth of this type of cancer happens in the cell of the breast in an uncontrolled manner with an abnormal presence of lumps. For the treatment of this cancer, doctor prefers Radiology, ultrasound, magnetic resonance or MRI, or Biopsy.
  • Lung Cancer: Lung cancer starts from the abnormal tissue or tumour affected tissue of lung and spread all over the lung. The uncontrolled growth of lung cancer affects one or both the lungs. The symptoms of these diseases are chest pain, appetite loss, fatigue, persistent cough, coughing out blood, loss of weight. For treatment purpose, a top oncologist of India recommended X-Ray of the chest, MRI, PET, and CT scans for the diagnosis of lung cancer.
  • Orthopaedic Cancer: A musculoskeletal tumour which mainly affects the pelvis, spine, and limbs. At the advanced stage of this tumour, it converted into orthopaedic cancer which is very common among the adult people. The symptoms of this cancer are a pain in back or limbs, paralysis, and hand or foot weakness. The cancer specialist prefers a different type of medical diagnosis like MRI, CT and many more to identify the diseases.
  • Head and Neck cancer: This cancer first affects the collar-bone, brain, thyroid, and parotid at the early stage. Top oncologist in India prefer various type of diagnosis for identify the diseases.
  • Liver cancer: Liver cancer has mainly developed a form of tumour and it spread all over the liver. For diagnosis of liver cancer doctor prefer many advance technology like PET and CT scan.

Conclusion: Cancer is one of the dangerous diseases which cannot get recover easily. The treatment process of it is very sensitive where the doctor takes the right manner for curing cancer of your body. The recovery of cancer fully depends on the stage of it so you have been very careful about your health otherwise it will be very risky for you.

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