Kenworth T880: A Dependable truck for the toughest jobs

When it comes to dealing with demanding workloads, there can be no room for compromise in quality, durability or capability. That is why many truck owners and drivers often prefer the Kenworth T880.  Any company that relies on logistics needs a truck that has been proven to be dependable in order to have successful results.  Using the Kenworth T880 for more versatile business environments is fitting, as this is a truck that can be counted on over the long run.  This rig has earned its good reputation for being both dependable and reliable.

Loaded with the latest in technology

One of the main goals, when engineers are designing a truck, is to make the job of the driver much easier & also to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the vehicle.  This rig is packed with innovative features that include:  Performance assistant, adaptive cruise control, and a state-of-the-art control center.  Drivers who are equipped with this can stay connected 24/7, any day of the year.  On-board navigation is becoming more common, but the NAV+ HD is the first system in the industry to offer optimized routes customized to your truck parameters and your load. The Collision Mitigation system works by analyzing the distance of the vehicle ahead on the road and assists the driver in keeping a safe following distance.

Multiple options available

The Kenworth T880 is available in 3 different versions.  The T880 MX has an optimized hood with a set-back front axle which makes it more maneuverable.  The weight is evenly distributed across the body, & the overall design contributes to a lighter truck than others in its class.  This is a perfect option that can be used for vacuum, tanker, bulk haul, ready-mix, refuse, & other similar applications.  The standard set back front axle is another variant available to those who are looking for a dump truck, for logging, & for long hauls. This is also an ideal choice if you are looking for a recovery vehicle. Therefore, it is one of those vehicles that has a strong reputation for versatility.  In situations where a more heavy-duty assignment is involved, you should consider the T880 standard hood model.  A set-forward front axle version of the T880 is also available.  This is a model that you can also use for a municipal vehicle, a ready-mix vehicle, & even for a crane.  The engine options include two different PACCAR’s, the MX-11 and MX-13, which owners of the Kenworth T880 can consistently rely on.  Also available are 3 different Cummins engines, along with Eaton Fuller & Allison transmissions.  Other features such as Predictive & Adaptive cruise control help to maximize fuel efficiency.  The intelligence autopilot also helps in regulating speed.  The optional 5-piece aluminum or steel bolted crossmembers, along with customizable locations that may include any clear-space requirements, are offered to meet various body installation needs.  Therefore, increased safety, efficiency and productivity have all been combined into this T880 line from Kenworth.

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