Keeping Up With VR: London Hosted VR World

Keeping Up With VR London Hosted VR World

VR World

VR World is a conference held in London in the month of May. Every year the conference is held in different parts of the United States to discuss the virtues of Virtual reality. The exhibition comprises of many experienced professionals and qualified lecturers who experiment with different techniques and have profound knowledge about the subject. The impact of Augmented and virtual reality is discussed throughout the event and its influence on gaming as well.

Up until now, almost four yearly sessions have been held. None of the European leaders have ever held such a bigger event like VR World, it comprises of more than hundred and fifty expert speakers. The event provides unmatched networking opportunities along with case study led content to attendees. The inspiring keynotes researched based lectures, thought-provoking discussions and a panel of highly qualified speakers are some of the fascinating aspects of the exhibition.

The Event of 22nd May:

In the event that took place on 22nd of May 2017, the speakers discussed the major steps to keep up with Virtual Reality. Augmented or virtual reality creates a world where our imaginations can wild; it is fascinating, engaging and compelling at the same time. With the passing time, it seems like we can learn a new technique, witness new discovery or enjoy new invention every another day. The world is getting modernized and virtual reality is becoming more advanced and immersive. While it seems great to users but for a mobile app development company, it may seem like a real challenge to incorporate such ever-evolving technology.

So, the steps that can help you incorporate VR into your project are summarized below:

Mobile VR v/s High-end Devices

The event threw major light on the comparison of Mobile virtual reality with high-end devices. In the discussion, that allowed many new ideas were invented to produce a flawless integration of the technology in smartphones. Many new techniques were found in which the experts discussed the implementation of such tactics that can make the interface of cell phones smarter and advance.

Discussions over Mobile App

The discussion and talks during the event covered a huge variety of topics. The tips range from the uses of VR for medical purposes like the treatment of mental disorder to the prediction of technologies coming in the future. Many attendees questioned on the scope of VR, whether it will remain just a tech fad like the 3DTV or it will evolve more. Among the detailed discussions over VR integration and its features, one topic that remains successful to hold the attention of the speakers was the incorporation of VR in mobile devices. They have appreciated and got inspired by the Samsung Gear VR and many Google devices who have adopted it. All such devices have shown the world a great example to blend advanced technologies into great ideas.

In that exhibition, there was a section dedicated for various purposes. The stands one corner shows the latest inventions of developers to present it in front of the attendees. The engineers were allowed a space to display their experiments and share its end-results along with that many big firms were given the opportunity to showcase the successful idea of implementing VR and AR in devices and branding assets as well.

Keynotes from the Event

Create your content on multiple platforms does not stick your approaches to one form. Produce such a piece that can give a valuable solution to users. Your content should be fresh, new and unique. It should have the spark to capture user’s attention and hold it for longer.

Flexible Development

You must have the knowledge about advanced software and tools so that you can come up with something advance and unbeatable. You must maintain a kind of flexibility in your development. By practicing flexibility, you can shift the development process according to the platform’s need on which you are working or aiming to upload.

To Wrap Up

One thing that I have learned through the event is that you should attend such technology-based events. By getting to know a technology through an expert’s words help greatly throughout your career. You will be able to understand its do’s and don’ts more properly.

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