Keep An Eye On Negative SEO Using These Simple Tips

Keep An Eye On Negative SEO Using These Simple Tips

We all are familiar with the efforts that are required to get to the top of the search results. And when we do get there, we’ve a lot of eyeballs on us both for the good and the bad. While we never complain about attracting people that bring profits and conversions, our competitors might not be as benign as our target audience and give us many reasons to be watchful and alert. Companies providing SEO Services In Delhi often complain about their clients’ websites dropping down on the SERPs. More often than not, these drops are because of the untiring efforts of their competitors.

Don’t let your hard-earned position on Google slip through your hands just because of lack of alertness on your part. Follow these tips to protect yourself from negative SEO:

  • Combat Spammy Inbound Links – This is the go-to way to demolish a competitor’s rankings on Google. As we know, low-quality inbound links can be damaging for a website’s authority and consequently, its rankings. Your competitors can build a few links in a couple of hours to ensure that you get a strike or penalty from Google. So, always remember to check your inbound link profile and eliminate the ones that you don’t find constructive for your website.
  • Duplicate Content – If you’re ranking high on search engines, chances are high that you are developing and publishing excellent content. This launches you into a new world, where the problem of people copying your content arises. It is harder to find who is copying your content and there are several tools available online to do it effectively.

So, be active and always be on guard to protect your website’s rankings. Maintaining the top position is harder than coming on top. If you’re looking for a professional company to do it for you, you can contact Web Click India – a leading Web Development Company In India. We promise that you will never lose your top position. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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