Kachy TV’s 10 Humpties Makes Counting Fun

Parents want to know that their children are developing as they should. Part of children’s development is reaching learning milestones, such as knowing how to count and how to say the alphabet. Many times, parents buy books to help their children reach these milestones. They may also pay for cable service so that their kids can keep up with their favorite cartoons. But there is an alternative way to help your kids learn and that’s by watching kids learning videos on YouTube. Most households already have Internet so watching these videos will be free and convenient.

10 Humpties


Kachy TV is a YouTube channel that creates kids learning videos for babies and all children. The videos are well produced with engaging scripts and high-quality animation that kids will love. Kachy TV’s flair is in its creative appeal; from its original songs with cool, catchy tunes which children can dance to, to the hilarious animal sounds which children learn about. The videos have the same quality look as legendary children show like Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer. They have cool characters such as Mousy and their original counting, numbers and baby songs add to the catalog of kid favorites out there.

Early Learning

The kids learning videos from Kachy TV will help kids to learn about colors, shapes, body parts and much more without feeling pressured to get them right. These kids’ videos are interactive and funny, and put kids in a frame of mind to learn. The beauty of these educational videos is that they use classic and well-known songs that kids already love and add an extra element to them which makes the baby song uniquely Kachy TV’s. This adds depth and increases kids’ overall enjoyment and learning take away. Kachy TV’s 3D animations won’t just entertain your toddler, they will improve your children’s overall cognitive capacity, while encouraging good listening and recalling skills. As a parent using Kachy TV kid’s songs is a win-win decision.

10 Humpties

One of Kachy TV’s most popular videos is “10 Humpties” which is a recreation of the popular “Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall” children song. It puts a spin on the song which had the usual one Humpty Dumpty to include 10 Humpty Dumpties! This creative spin to the popular kids’ song makes it not only a great opportunity to get kids to learn how to count, but it adds to how hilarious the song is! The Humpty Dumpties are clad in colorful clothes that make them look smart and adorable. They sit on a wall in front of a beautiful white palace. Kids will have a field day seeing and singing along with all the Humpty Dumpties! Parents and school teachers can watch as Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall and breaks his head while the nine others do the same. They can then ask the children to explain what is going on. Be sure to pay attention as your kid may ask you questions about this song to be sure you followed the changes in numbers. Your child will especially enjoy the end when Jake finds all ten Humpties on the ground. They will learn not to climb a wall and also learn how to count and sing along to this fun nursery rhyme!

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