Judge the 3 Reasons for the Necessity of Multimedia Classes

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language lab equipment in India

Education have gone through diversity. Now students are more involved with the core knowledge of their subjects. New subjects are being taught to give better dimension to young mindset. The learning methodologies are changing respective to the demand of the subject. Along with regular studies students attend seminars, debates and do project works to get the essence of their selected subjects. Now you will believe that regular classes are not enough to serve the need of students. They need an educational laboratory where subjects can be taught with wider perspective.

Thoughts of senior members and educationalists gave birth to smart classrooms. Initially such classes were facilitated by a microphone with speaker to place their lectures in the class arising less errors of communication. But it gave no opportunity for the students to respond. It was a one way communication. Then language lab equipment in India changed the phase of regular classrooms. Now the teacher is having a computer installed with modern language lab software. The interface with varied applications make the class a learning session.

Effective Communication: The major reason for establishment of language laboratory is to teach communication skills. The students turn to be good in their academic qualification but they lack communication skills. This put them down in the job market. Now the courseware is being taught with improved devices for effective learning of communication skills.

  • Interactive Courseware: The courseware is made compatible to the system software. Much activities are being involved at the end of every lesson for effective learning. Efforts are made for keen listening and proper pronunciation thereafter. The learning goes with the flowchart rule like listening, speaking, reading and then writing. Such process we also follow while we learn our mother tongue. 
  • Interactive Software: Now language lab is not only used to learn communication skills but the lab is used of effective learning of other subjects too. The software installed to run the applications make the class an effective learning lab. The teacher get the sole authority as they get in a regular class. Teacher can select group of students for open or closed group discussion for better debate on a particular lesson. Thus the modern language lab software is the reason for existence of language laboratory.
  • Students’ Device: The console units provided to the students render opportunity to speak and clarify their points. It also help them to answer multiple choice questions while maintaining a better learning atmosphere with less noise and commotion. 
  • Output Devices: The installation of projector with digital boards or screens and speakers turn the class to an auditorium. The devices enable students with ultimate focus on the lectures delivered by the teacher.   

Now you know the importance of devices and software installed in the language laboratory.

Multimedia Aids: Modern language labs are enabled with effective input and output devices which are equipped to deliver interactive multimedia courseware. The subjects are being taught with audio and visual aids. Students achieve more concentration and better focus over the subject. They get to know the core essence and application of the subject.

Affordable Maintenance Cost: The language lab equipment in India need less maintenance cost. Proper use of the devices maintain the life of the lab. The system software enabled with varied applications can be fixed by following scheduled instructions or online support. Thus maintenance of language lab is easy and affordable.

The blog made you aware about the importance of language lab in any educational and training institution.

Author Bio: Deepanjan has been associated with language lab and share his perspectives about the devices compatible to the language lab software installed to effectively run a language lab. The blog will make you justify the need of language lab equipment in India.

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