iOS Application Development Services

Delivering iOS Application Development Services is a two-tined process. If you need to brush up on your coding skills then it’s the right time to start. Or if you are well versed in coding, then you have to be able to tackle Apple’s frameworks and their tools/ guidelines. It works out well for you if you know what to develop and when because Apple has a strict rulebook for iOS Application Development Services you will be offering. It would be wise to know your playfield so you know what you can and can’t do to avoid getting flagged.

This article is not a step by step guide by a ui ux development company, rather it’s a summarized list of elements necessary for iOS application development.

iOS Application Development

XCode is the Key to iOS Development

Apple Integrated Development Environment or IDE for both MAC and iOS is Xcode. You can download it from Apple’s Website for free. You can use this graphical interface to write mobile apps & get to know everything about Swift (the programming language used for iOS 8).

Swift isn’t the only programming language you can use, Objective-C is also an option if you know the language well.

Familiarize Yourself with App Store Review Guidelines

Apple’s store review rulebook isn’t easily impressed easily. To bypass rejection, you will have to follow each and every guideline there is. After all, you will not want to spend all that time and effort on iOS Application Development Services if it’s not even going to be submitted.

Once your app is created, your iOS mobile app will be reviewed for design, technical details, and content. The most common reasons for rejection are crashes, faulty links, ads or vague information. Adding political or explicit content will also get you rejected in Apple Store. Some of Apple’s API also enforce their guideline specifications you would be wise to follow like:

Apple Pay, Apple Extensions, Health Kit & Home Kit.

Designing Icons & Apps

If you have carefully dealt with review guidelines, next come design guidelines. Apple dictates some design consistency and UI elements to follow all in their apps. The available strategies will tell you how to effectively design icons and apps.

Register for GitHub and Test Flight

Get others to look for at your code to verify it from all available angles. GitHub is the best place for software versioning and collaborative app development, you can link XCode in GitHub and everything will automatically save and be accessible.

Likewise, in TestFlight you can invite users who can run and test your app by downloading it.

In the end, it all comes to Xcode. You can choose any cross-platform app or use Swift. These above tools are just pointers to rightful iOS Application Development Services

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