Interesting and Practical Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Meat Grinder

Manual Meat Grinders are typically made of the following parts:

  • The Body or Head
  • The Bushing
  • The Auger or Worm Gear
  • Auger Stud
  • Handle
  • Handle Arm
  • Handle Screw and/or Bolt
  • Knife and/or Blade
  • Grinding Plate(s)
  • Stuffing Attachments (if included)


I am certain there are different parts relying upon the model of the Meat Grinder. Be that as it may, for this, the listed things above should serve to outline the focuses made. Recognizing what parts you have is fundamental to amass and dismantle the grinder appropriately. Utilize the product list and keep accessible until you remember what is important to legitimate consideration for, clean and keep up your meat grinder. Regardless of whether you have a remarkable memory, despite everything I prescribe utilizing the product list.


Before first utilize and each utilization from there on, dismantle the grinder and hand wash in warm or hot foamy water to clean and expel any fat or ligament from the granulating plates. Utilize a nylon or plastic brush to evacuate bits of fat, meat or ligament. Never utilize a steel brush when cleaning a Meat Grinder! This will scratch the grinder causing hurt that will for all time harm the product. This applies to Aluminum, Chrome, Cast Iron, Iron, Stainless Steel, and Tinned Iron grinders.


Washing all food preparation products before first use and progressing after every dinner preparation is important before proceeding with the subsequent stage. Never drench an Aluminum, Iron, “Tinned-Iron,” Cast Iron, Chrome and Stainless Steel Meat Grinder in water. Erosion is the first and prompt issue happening after delayed presentation to water. I characterize ‘Delayed time span’ as increasingly one (1) to three (3) minutes. This is clearly very little time.


Rust and water spots are the subsequent issues caused from absorbing all metal products water. Water spots much of the time clean off when towel drying. Water spots even show when utilizing the hot cycle on your dishwasher. Utilizing a cotton towel to dry all metal products is required. Aluminum erodes effectively and doesn’t rust. Chrome chips and strips after some time and will consume and rust. Stainless Steel rusts as well and furthermore consumes too. Not as fast as different metals, however it additionally erodes and rusts. In the event that this doesn’t persuade you to towel dry and wash with a plastic or nylon brush, than nothing will.


Electric Meat Grinders warrant explicit advances. Never gather, dismantle, or clean an electric product while the attachment is in an outlet. Ensure your grinder directions suggest cleaning with a dishwasher. Most are definitely not. Numerous products publicized as being “dishwasher-safe” disregard the product directions. This term is carefully a promoting or publicizing instrument focusing on how a product is either “low-support” or “upkeep free.” Every product in your home requires support + cleaning and electric meat grinders are the same.


Adhere to your product list and directions for gathering and dismantling before each cleaning. The auger or worm gear usually requires food grade silicone alongside the cutting edges (blade) and plates (granulating Plates). Be wary of the strings on screws and the holding nut. The strings are fine and strip effectively. Utilize appropriate time with a couple of seconds to design your food preparation process. Cleaning and keeping up your meat grinder guarantees a more extended relationship you will have with this product. The more extended the relationship, the expands the cash you spare from utilizing a Meat Grinder as a healthy food preparation product.


Meat Grinders are one of the Healthy Food Preparation Products I pursue. I keep expounding on healthy food preparation products to share product information and experience.