Increase your customer base with Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The world has gone all mobile! It has not merely secured his place in an individual’s life but also revolutionized the way companies do business for better user-experience and convenience. According to the survey, there is more use of mobile than a desktop, indicating the popularity of portable devices and its importance in expanding your service on the mobile platform. Gone are the days where office works were limited to its premise, and most of all mental job of 9 to 5 is fading away, as businesses are warming up to the concept of enterprise mobility with the ever-growing popularity of on-the-go operations.

What is Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

The deployment of portable technology across a business or organization working outside the workplace and communicating through mobile and web applications is known as Enterprise Mobility Solutions. It is frequently observed in the companies that deal with field operation and services to the end-customer, but this trend has now shifted to those industries which followed and practice the old traditional central office model.

According to the recent study, around 40% of businesses surveyed are working on improving their mobility strategy to increase customer engagement, team collaboration, and individual productivity gain. Whereas, to extend the benefits of business mobility to customers, around 71% of the companies moving towards business mobility is developing and deploying customer-facing apps focused on improving the consumer experience.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management

The goal of every organization is to boost engagement and stimulate the growth. This is possible by streamlining your business with the enterprise mobile application development. It is a must for every company, as an application is packed with a modern technology platform, features and functionalities is a must for every business. So, let’s understand why the industry should opt for Enterprise Mobility Solutions .

Provides Super Connectivity

Want to stay connected with the team, while you are in the other part of the world? Then this is one of the best benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions for your organization. It provides super connectivity and increases the productivity by allowing employees to stay connected with the team from any part of the world. As a result, all the remote employees across the globe can eventually contribute to the growth of the organizations, as this service provides the much-needed productivity.

Efficient Data Collection

For any business model, data plays a vital role irrespective of the type of industry. Data can be anything like work progress status, periodic reports or time-sheets. You can efficiently collect data from your employees in a more efficient way than ever before just by implementing Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Due to on-the-go updates and work processes, it improves the efficiency of the organization.

Cost and Time Savings

With employees working from home, the value of the infrastructural for most companies has got lessen. Moreover, it with easy access to vital data and cost as enterprises save times on retrieval and storage of data which gets synchronized along with complete access control of all the systems.

Why opt for Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

As we all are aware that mobile has become an integrated part of our life and right from streaming movies to booking and payment of the ticket to setting an appointment, everything is done from a mobile device. In the world of business, there is no expectation. For all stakeholders, it is just a matter of fact to move from only PC oriented strategy to include useful enterprise mobility roadmap. Therefore, businesses are rushing to provide a better experience to users on multiple devices as the world gets powered by mobiles.

Rigel Networks provide end-to-end Enterprise Mobility Solutions for the tranquil and smooth running of your enterprises leveraging cutting edged technologies and BI tools. It developed a FERPA, CIPA, and HIPPA compliant B2C Social Media Application for a California based successive entrepreneur and innovator.

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