In-store Marketing Ideas for any Retailer

Since the emergence of social media, there has been a lot of transformations in the marketers’ mindset. They have opened the doors of digital marketing to unbox the potentials of social media. 

Social media opens up a dynamic dimension directly to the customers. With the digital existence of the target audience, its easier to communicate and interact with them. E-commerce segment has developed a lot with new digital marketing strategies, but for a brand with physical stores, it takes new ideas to bring up with apt digital marketing tactics.

While 72% of businesses say improving customer experience is their top priority, only 63% of marketers prioritize implementing technology investments that will help them reach this goal.

The truth is that both aspects, improved customer experience, and technical implementation can make a huge impact on your in-store marketing strategies.

How to improve the customer experience at stores?

Here are some tips to add to the in-store marketing strategy to improve the overall customer experience.

1. The Art of Window Display

The art of window display is something an offline store should master in majorly. The style you present the products and the store creates a vital impact on the customer’s mind. Theme up your display with a trending movie, comic, or give it a look of an exotic location to pull in the attention of the by-walkers. 

Your window display can create an image of your brand, the products you sell and the retail promotion offered. A clear presentation of your business can create an intriguing statement to explore what more is within the walls of your store.

2. Competition for Reputation

Add some occasional contests to your marketing calendar. Let it be online or offline, the customers will definitely enjoy the exciting in-store competitions. Make the contest interactive and schedule it while the holiday season to get maximum engagement. 

Spread the festive smile as freebies and giveaways to encourage participation. It helps in engaging customers with the brand and improves their overall shopping experience in the store.

What can techie investments improve your in-store marketing strategies?

Here is some trendy technology you can invest in, to add a spark to your customers’ in-store shopping experience.

1. Augmented Shopping

Augmented Reality is taking its place everywhere!

From gaming to shopping, it has been making some serious changes in the experience of its users. 

Retailers are now employing augmented reality to engage the customers in the enhanced shopping experience. Now, fashion brands are creating virtual spaces with AR for customers to try products. Furniture outlets are offering the customers a virtual platform to visualize how the new furniture will look like in a room as the phone camera turns around in real-time.

2. The Call for Social Walls

Engaging users with something interesting is important, let it be online or offline. A social media wall in an impressive social media tool that will support the integration of your online marketing campaign with the in-store marketing strategy.

An user generated content Social wall used to present real-time user-submitted content in a creative style to engage the in-store customers effortlessly. It helps build trust in the customers towards the brand. A social media wall helps create an authenticity factor with social proof other than just real-time social media feeds.

With user-submitted posts, photos, and videos, it creates a vibrant display. But the objectivity is what associates them closely to the content. They create genuine content with their happy experience with your products or service, thus remains trustworthy.

With a social media campaign, you prove to be active digitally and can engage the customers. The content collected from the campaign is the reflection of your brand’s social influence on the users. It helps generate content for your in-store display to gain the customers’ attention.

Social media influencers are an additional advantage for the brand when it comes to social media. With their huge online follower base, your brand can influence social media fans and in-store customers as well using a social media digital signage solution like Taggbox!.

Leaving out to you…


As discussed above, there are several solutions to improve your in-store marketing strategy. The best, effective, and affordable one from the above is social walls. All you need is a quality screen and a social media aggregating tool to get the social media wall ready. 

The social media aggregator will collect the UGC from multiple social media platforms and display them in real-time. You can get the design customized and make minor changes by yourself. It empowers your offline presence with authenticity and credibility to pull in more customers. 

It also lets your customers make their mark on the screen as well. Social media acts as a magnet to attract the customers to give their views on the product along with their experience at your store.

Give your brand’s physical presence the power of social media and its influence!