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Improve your hotel – how to improve the quality of customer experience service at your hotel for business success? We encompass everything you would need to create the guest service

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Great customer websites improve customer experience

Customer satisfaction extends beyond the human interaction. Customer satisfaction is affected by your digital online presence. With customers getting their first information about hotels online, the most successful hotels have stand-out websites that are also easy to navigate. Websites with numerous photos, clear directions including maps, nearby points of interest, good restaurants and reviews will do better holding the attention of an online shopper. The online shopper should be able to look and book quickly with minimum hassle.Customers often have special needs such as handicapped accessible rooms. The best websites provide a booking interface allowing the customer to make special requests, again with minimum hassle.Customer satisfaction is about being available where, when, and how customers want. A direct phone number to the hotel is a must. Many customers research online but call to book. The availability of personal interaction is the key in this case. Personnel handling booking calls should be friendly, helpful and well versed in the policies and amenities the hotel offers.

Secrets to Enhance Customer Service

Nowadays, successful hoteliers are realizing that they are in an industry of expectations management. Each traveler is looking for a different experience depending on their preferences and the purpose of their trip. In the competitive hotel market as we know it today, the key to success is finding a way to exceed customer expectations.
Today’s choice of hotel and the decision-making process of travelers are more likely to be driven by the “experience” expected rather than by a ‘product’-specific criterion. Travelers have expectations Specific for each trip and their expectations often change depending on the reason for the trip, the length of stay, etc. If hoteliers exceed customer expectations for a given holiday, many will share their positive experience by ‘evangelising’ it on TripAdvisor or on one of the +175 other OTAs and review sites that exist around the world. Feedback, whether positive or negative, influences other travelers, has an impact on rankings and rates that hoteliers may charge.
​ Here’s 5 secret Tips to maximise customer Experience to its fullest.​​​In the past, marketing focused mainly on the ‘4P’: Product, Promotion, Price & Place. This legendary marketing law, while still interesting, is no longer as relevant as it used to be. The ‘4P’ of marketing have evolved. Internet and social networks have had a huge impact on how marketers must now focus their efforts. The concept of ‘4P’ has changed into ‘4E’: experience, evangelism, exchange and ‘everyplace’ (everywhere). In the remainder of this article, we will see some examples of how hotel marketers can take advantage of this opportunity intelligently.

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