How to Upgrade Seats on KLM?

Are you a regular traveler with KLM airlines? If yes, you should know the process of upgrading your seats with KLM Reservations. In this article, we will have a look at how to upgrade your tickets to business class with KLM airlines. The step by step process to do it online will also be described in this article.

Process of upgrading Seats manually

You have to call the reservations department of KLM airlines and let them know about your seat preferences. The staff will check the availability and will provide you with seats in turn of the extra cost. You have to pay this extra cost to get the upgraded seats.

Process of upgrading the seats online

1) First, log in to your account on the home page of KLM airlines.

2) Then you have to go to the manage booking section of the website. Here all your bookings will be listed.

3) Now, you have to select the trip for which you want an upgraded seat. The option of a seat upgrade will be shown on the screen.

4) Once the option is selected, you will be prompted to make the extra payment required for doing the upgrade. You will be directed to the payment screen where you have to make your payment through your debit or credit card.

5) Once the upgrade is done, you will receive the notification about the upgrade through the email. You should have sufficient balance in your debit or credit card to make the upgrade.

Thus, we have seen in detail the process of upgrading the tickets manually, as well as the process of upgrading the tickets through the online mode. The KLM airlines offer this facility to upgrade to the business class at least 30 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. You can opt for a seat upgrade before 30 hours of the time of flight. Hence, it is important to keep the time factor in mind.

The processes described above to upgrade the tickets are all simple, and anyone with basic knowledge of computers and the internet can do the upgrade process. All you need is an active internet connection on your computer to upgrade the tickets online. The reason for the upgrade can be anything like you want to enjoy more luxury during your journey. Whatever may be the reason, follow the process mentioned above and enjoy the upgraded seats with KLM Reservations

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