How to Power up your Business with Branded Custom Soap Packaging?

Without doubt, branded packaging looks stunning. Having an awesome branded packaging means your product has an excellent opportunity to shine in the retail environment. This will lead you to success by kicking your business up a notch. Don’t believe me?

Imagine if Coca Cola didn’t use their trademark red. Or Lux soaps’ packaging isn’t different from one another. Things would not be the same as they are now. So, how on earth soap manufacturers can power up their branded custom soap packaging? Let’s delve in.

Build and Maintain a Visual Language

To build and maintain a visual language, you need to imagine how you want to portray your product to potential customers. Would you prefer to keep it simple and sustainable? Like to use photographs or graphics as a business? Or want to make it look more expensive and chic?

Whatever feeling you are trying to evoke through your custom soap boxes, make sure your packages should reflect it. Let’s say if you have used the beautiful ‘Times New Roman’ typography in your logo, then stick with it when designing your packages. Of course, you can improvise and make it appear more precious and delicate as if you are giving away a wonderful gift to someone.

Take Apple for example. The minimalist branded packaging of the tech giant comes in clean white color with a simple black sans-serif font style and a small Apple logo that seamlessly brings the brand into the package design. And there is no reason for customers to confuse their packaging with a competitor’s.

Design it for the Future

Another practical approach to design your custom soap box packaging is to embrace the concept of high-level brands. For instance, if your brand is only producing fruit now, you can safely use a design concept that boasts plowed fields. This will save you a huge amount of cash because if you choose to produce vegetables in the future, you won’t have to redesign the packaging.

This means soap vendors should design their packaging for the future. Embracing this approach from high-level brands and applying it to your packaging design will allow you to build consistency across all the touch points.

Evade Color Separation Phenomenon

Avoid color separation phenomenon when extending your product range or launching a new lineup of items. Why? Well, if you sell medicated soaps, skincare soaps, laundry soaps, novelty soaps, and so on, it isn’t necessary to segregate these products by infusing different colors in their packaging. Using different colors for each soap will only enhance your problems. How?

Not all colors can create that magic. So, before things get too complex it’s best to avoid this phenomenon. There are better ways to segregate your packaging line. For example, you could use a different shape, size, icon, pattern, typography or photography prior to resorting to a color.

Remember, color separation will always sound like a good idea but it will cause issues later on.

Select your Materials Judiciously

Like many other things in life, some materials are more expensive than others. By the same token, certain materials are used to convey a certain message. For example, if you will encase your soap in a gold box, it will look high-end and expensive. Given that the box is designed aptly.

In contrast, if you use a simple brown box to enclose your soaps, it will look cheap. An ideal way to choose the best packaging materials is by studying your ideal customers. This will help you decipher what resonates with them.

For instance, The Legacy Printing, a renowned packaging firm in the US, not only suggest varying materials to its clients but also provide sample packages so they can put them to test before the bulk order is manufactured.