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Bakery packaging boxes and today Iā€™m going to do a quick tutorial about packing cookies, Tisha. I get a lot of questions about this so I thought it’d be great just to show it visually. I’d like to pack the cookies and get them safely to where they’re going especially with the holidays coming up.

So come on I’ll show you what I like to do to keep the cookie safe so the first thing I like to do is get my boxes folded and when I’m shipping cookies. I like to use a solid bakery box that doesn’t have a window on it I just think it keeps the cookies safer so. I like to use this 9 by 9 by 3-inch box that I found on PrintMyBoxes and if you check in the status below! I’ll put a link to a blog post that has all the links to my favorite shipping materials than to dress up the

bakery packaging boxes.

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I like to line it with tissue paper and of course, I like to pick pink and I just kind of snuggle that tissue paper in there. I just find it keeps everything together and also makes it look like a gift package all my cookies before I ship them. You can see I have my label on there and then I snuggle the cookie into one of these bubble pouches and I found these bubble pouches. They’re awesome because I don’t have to take the time to cut them individually and I feel like they really keep the cookie safe. I actually call them cookie armor because I think they’re pretty awesome and the bubble pouch just keeps the cookies from rubbing on each other and rubbing off any of those icing details. I just like that they’re self-sealing too so that it’s really easy to just peel and close that bag and sometimes I’ll even smuggle two cookies in there back-to-back. It just makes it easier from shipping a whole bunch at one time and those bubble pouches they come in two sizes and again I’ll put the links to those in that blog post so once I have all my cookies packed in their pouch. I like to get them nestled into the bakery packaging boxes and I just stack them on top of each other and you can see that these cookies they’re about three and a half inches big and they pretty much fill up space. Once they’re in those bubble pouches but I like to pull the cookies apart and make a little room between them because I will wiggle this white crinkle paper in the cracks and that’s really just going to keep the cookies in place we don’t want any movement of the cookies.

Because if they move there’s a greater chance that they’re going to get broken so just fill in the cracks with the crinkle paper and then once you’ve done that.

I like to fold over the pink tissue paper and you could even add a little piece of washi tape on there that would be really cute.

I should start doing that and then I’ll close up the box and we’re ready to finish off with a sticker so this is a cute flower box bakery sticker that.

I just rocked that box back and forth and make sure that there’s just no movement in there we don’t want the cookies moving at all, so now we’re ready to put our bakery packaging boxes in the mailer boxes, so I just tape up the box I like to use a 10 by 10 by 4 box again.

I find this fits the bakery packaging boxes best I don’t need a ton of peanuts because the box sizes are pretty similar so I just push my bakery box into the corner.

I wiggle peanuts into those little grooves and that really keeps the cookies from moving around I love double boxing my cookies I just find it keeps them extra safe and it’s a really nice presentation when somebody opens it on the other end.

I just tape up the box lid and I’m ready for my the shipping label now I feel like my cookies are really safe there’s lots of cushioning in here they’re double boxed, I feel really good that they’re gonna get to Wisconsin in one piece so if you’re interested in finding out the materials that I used the boxes the bubble patches.

I’m going to post a list in my blog post so that you can easily find them for yourself so just check out the link below

You can see what I like to use I hope this is helpful if you guys like seeing a little bit of the process beyond decorating let me know. in the comments and maybe we can post more article like this just showing what happens before and after the cookies are decorated as always thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon happy Jerry you.

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