How to get rid of vaginal odor?

In the puberty, the women can have vaginal discharge from the genital tract. Vaginal is a sensitive part of the body. It needs a carefully caring to prevent some diseases. However, Vaginal always have odor make you feel the loss of confidence and worry when having sex. You tried many ways to reduce the smell, but they are not useful. In this article, we will show you the answer to the famous question “how to get rid of vaginal odor.”

Why does the vagina have an odor?

Normal vaginal discharge usually has a white color, elastic, no smell, a little bit fishy. Amount of vaginal discharge depend on each other and the period.

When the vaginal area becomes infected, vaginal discharge released. It is a fluid pathology that is excreted continuously every day. The vaginal discharge releases more than usual. It can cause a nasty smell in this area.

Vaginal discharge is usually yellow, white, gray, brown or reddish with blood.

How to get rid of vaginal odor?

This condition can be improved if you change some daily habit and hygiene the area every day.

Clean this area with herbal:

Leafless betel leaves, wormwood leaves or green tea are all powerful herbs to help sterilize, efficiently deodorize. You just take one of these leaves, wash it, boil it, let it cool and use it to clean the area, remove the nasty smelling. You can pound the betel leaves and filter to get water and mix it with warm water to clean this area. You should clean the area and buy them from reliable sources to avoid chemicals.

Eating yogurt:

It is one of the probiotics which good for your health. Besides the beauty benefit, keep the fit, the yogurt also know like a method to remove the smell efficiently. Yogurt contains many good bacteria: Lactobacillus which can kill Candida fungus that is the primary cause of vaginal odor. Beside that lactobacillus also maintain pH in the vaginal. It is a natural method; you just eat two glass of no sugar yogurt each day. The odor can disappear very quickly.

Apple cider vinegar:

As you know, apple cider vinegar has so many uses. It has natural antibacterial properties. You mix 1 or 2 glasses into the bathtub with warm water. Soaking in 20 minutes per day or longer, apple cider vinegar can remove the smell and make a beauty skin.

Wear suitable underwear:

You should see choice underwear which made from cotton material because it has an excellent ability to the absorbent instead of nylon material because it can make you feel hot and discomfort. You also avoid tight pants that reduce infectious diseases.

Change tampon regularly:

During the menstruation period, hygiene and caring the vaginal is necessary and essential than a typical day because this is the sensitive time to bacterial penetrate and damage for yourself. Change the temp on every 4 hours and clean the vaginal with clean and warm water then make it dry.

Stay away from sharp soap, shower gel, detergent to hygiene vaginal because it can cause hurt, burning or it itchy. Only us clean or sterile water for sanitation. You should clean 2-3 times per day. Keep it dry and avoid sex during the menstruation period.

Avoiding high sugar and yeast foods:

Foods such as bread, beer, and mushrooms contain yeast, and sugar in other foods will mechanism into yeast. These foods can increase the amount of yeast in the vagina, causing fungal infections.

Do not take a bath with hot water:

Hot water can kill natural bacteria in your body. Instead of hot water, you should use warm water to recover odor. Do not use a tampon after menstruation because of the secretions will cling to annoying patches. Only use these products when necessary and do not use smell sensitive sanitary pads because it can cause a natural imbalance in the body.

Coconut oil and Backing soda:

Coconut oil is very useful in beauty care, especially in treat vaginal odor. Mix baking soda with coconut oil until the mix becomes stable and smooth follow 3:2 proportion. Put it into a small jar. You roll it around this area to remove the discomfort odor.

Beside the vaginal odor, some symptoms you need to see the doctor as soon as possible:

Milky vaginal discharge:

This is normal before and after menstruation, nevertheless, some another sign such as itchy, pain when sexual, milky vaginal discharge. It can a sign of inflammation due to Candida fungus.

Brown and bloody vaginal discharge:

You need to care if this appears in the middle of menstruation cycle. It can warn you that you are pregnant and you have a risk of miscarriage. They also soon sign of some diseases: cervical cancer which is prevalent cancer in over 35-year-old women.

When the vaginal discharge is yellow or slightly green, especially when it swells, a bubbly odor is a sign that you may have had trichomoniasis. It is usually spread through sexual contact, which can cause inflammation of the ovaries, cervix, and causes of infertility in women if left untreated.

This article showed you the basic answer to this question “how to get rid of vaginal odor.” they are a natural method which easies to apply in your home. Hope you always beautiful and healthy!




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