What a hip replacement surgery is all about?

Bilateral hip replacement surgery in India is provided at cost effective solutions. A lot of credit has to go to the medical tourism companies in this regard. Most of them have tie ups with the elite class of hospitals in the country.

In the event of hip replacement surgery, the hip joint is damaged that is prone to damage. It is undertaken with the aid of artificial implants. One of the main objectives of a hip replacement surgery is to eradicate pain and to restore the function of the hips. This is a form of surgery that is suggested to patients who are well above the age cap of 65 years.

This form of surgery is undertaken through an incision in the hip. Though the main cause of the occurrence of it has to be arthritis.


The success

As far as the success ratio is concerned it is to the tune of 90 %. Patients do experience a relief in the symptoms along with better motion. Within a short span of time patients are able to resume their normal activities in the form of walking or swimming.


After the surgery is performed you would need to stay in the hospital for close to a week. Most often than not you are likely to feel some form of pain or discomfort that could be controlled with medications. It is suggested that you deep breathe and cough on a frequent basis so as to avoid congestion in the lungs and prevent clot formation.

Once the surgery is over you will be asked to walk the next day with the aid of a walker. When a rehab procedure is performed there is bound to be strengthening in your hip muscles where movement is restored for your daily activities along with walking. 

The hospital stay

The patient would need to stay in the hospital for 5 to 7 days and prior to that a single week if you are planning to get a single hip replaced. Once it is the case of bilateral hip replacement and it would mean both the hips being replaced then a stay in the hospital of 3 to 4 weeks is needed. The onus is on the surgeon whether they would need to operate on both the joints at the same time. Depending upon your health condition a gap of close to a week could be provided as well.

The cost of this surgeon does vary depending upon the implant, quality of surgeon, city and facility of where you plan to get the surgery done. Generally if you choose a country like India you are bound to make a savings of close to 30 % of the cost if you plan the same surgery in a western country. What is better for a patient is that they can opt for a travel medical package and this would unwind their stress in the best possible way.  In fact you can explore the beauty of India in the best possible way.

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