Have a Heart Condition? Know the Risks and the Factors before Planning a Pregnancy

“Do you have a heart condition and you are planning pregnancy? Read the blog to know about the risk factors and symptoms you have to look for.”

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As the heart is the most important organ in our body, it is the utmost necessity of anyone to keep it healthy in order to lead a healthy life. Heart conditions can be scary. But if you are a woman, planning pregnancy any time soon, then it is natural that you will be daunted with the stress. But do you know that there are hundreds of women around the world with a serious heart condition who give birth to healthy babies every day without any risks? Yes, for this, all you have to do is get educated a bit and understand the heart condition you have and the risks which will eventually help you to plan a fearless pregnancy.

Effect of Pregnancy on Heart

Pregnancy can change the whole anatomy that used to rule your body before. So, before you plan pregnancy and plan to consult a cardiologist in Kolkata for discussing it, you must know how pregnancy can leave its effect on the heart. During pregnancy, it causes stress and also affects the circulatory system. Since the growing baby inside your body needs nourishment, your blood volume increases to 30% to 50%. For that your heart rate increases as it has to be pump more blood in your body.

Also, during labor and delivery, the heart goes through abrupt changes in activities. Since you need to push the baby out of your body with all your might, your heart rates will be high. This will also increase the blood pressure too.  In fact, even after the delivery, the body and the heart need time to get restored to the position prior to your pregnancy. So, if you fear that any of these situations can be serious trouble for you, getting an appointment with the cardiologist in Kolkata RN Tagore Hospital can be a good idea for you.


  • Heart Rhythm Issues: Normal fluctuation of heart rhythm during pregnancy is a common thing. In case of arrhythmia, any best cardiologist in Kolkata will prescribe the necessary medication.
  • Heart Valve Issues: If you have an abnormal or artificial heart valve issue, then you have to be prepared for some serious trouble. Since the blood flow in your heart will increase, it might be difficult for your heart to get accustomed with abnormal or artificial Valve. Also, blood thinner can pose some risk to your pregnancy too. For dealing with this situation, consult a reputed cardiologist in Kolkata Mukunda pur
  • Cognitive Heart Issues: Are you born with heart issues? If yes, then your baby will be exposed to greater risks of the similar type of heart issues. Also, in the case of premature delivery, you might face some trouble too. Make sure you are consulting this with the doctor beforehand.

Preparing for Pregnancy

If it is an unplanned pregnancy, then you are suggested to get in touch with the obstetrician immediately. They will mark your pregnancy as high risk which will help the cardiologist to make the right decision for you. In case of planned pregnancy, don’t forget to consult the cardiologist before you conceive. According to your heart condition, the doctor will give the proper medication, which will prepare your body and heart for the whole trial for next nine months.

Symptoms to be Aware of

If you are planning a pregnancy, you need to make sure that you know everything about the symptoms too that will indicate whether your baby is at risk or not. In case of the appearance of any of the following symptoms, you have to report the healthcare provider or the doctor immediately. Make sure you are noticing symptoms like,

  • Difficulty or shortness in breathing
  • Heart palpitation, the rapid increase in heart rate and irregular beating of the pulse
  • Chest pain
  • A bloody cough or coughing at night

Plan your pregnancy with the consultation of a cardiologist and do away with the fear of complicated heart condition.

Author Bio: Dr. S Mani is the best cardiologist in Kolkata. Being a cardiologist in Kolkata RN Tagore hospital, he is working for years, offering the best treatment to the patients. As a cardiologist in Kolkata Mukunda Pur, he is offering guidance for planning pregnancy with a heart condition.

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