Harmful Effects of Inorganic Hair Products

Nowadays people are using more and more organic foods because they are good for health. When organic and natural products are good for health then why to visit a traditional hair salon? If you are from California, visit the Ingenious beauty salon, San Francisco. The salon is known for offering naturally organic hair treatments via earth-friendly products. At the salon, you will get beautiful hairs without the use of harsh and toxic chemicals.

Though it is hard to find naturally organic hair salons everywhere but if you can find one in your region, it will be better for you, your hairs, and for the environment.

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Effects of inorganic products on hairs

Products that are used in traditional hair salons have chemicals which have adverse health effects. Like ammonia present in hair dyes literally lifts up hair cuticle. The cuticle is like a tree bark, it protects your hairs. When hair dye is applied on hairs it damages the cuticle layer to penetrate in the hairs.

In order to get the hair color you want, the natural color of your hairs must be destroyed. Peroxide breaks down natural hair pigment and makes hairs dry. This whole process damages your hairs. The cuticle is lifted and pigments are broken down so now your hairs are just like straw and they become prone to breakage. When you come out of the salon, your hairs are more damaged than before with these harsh chemical.

Effects of inorganic hair products on salon workers

Toxic substances present in hair care products not only damage your hairs but also affect the health of salon workers. Because of toxic chemicals available in hair products, salon workers are at the risk of several types of cancer such as breast cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, and multiple myeloma. They are also at the risk of miscarriage and to give birth to low weight babies.in addition, hair salon employees also experience skin conditions such as dermatitis or eczema and breathing problems such as asthma and cough because of chemical exposures.

The products which are used in Brazilian hair straightening and smoothing treatments contain high levels of formaldehyde which is a known human carcinogenic. Formaldehyde is so toxic that it can cause cancer, breathing problems, bronchitis, migraine, bloody noses, blistery rashes, etc. Exposure to formaldehyde is not limited to its application on hairs, whenever you apply heat to your hairs the fumes will reactivate.

Because of all these reasons, it becomes important to find naturally organic hair salons in your region so that you can have healthy hair treatments. Ingenious organic beauty salon, San Francisco is one of the best organic concept salons which you can consider to get beautiful hairs naturally.

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