Hair Transplant- The Importance of Finding an Excellent Clinic.

There is no doubt that the idea of getting older always frustrates and causes us a lot of panic. Whatever people might say about this issue, deep inside there is always a certain degree of fear of that ghost called aging. That idea of getting older always terrifies us especially during the current era of photography and fashion through which our appearance plays a major role at shaping our lives and future. Because of that, we always see those childhood superstars of hours remain in shape even after exceeding the age of 50. For celebrities, they know exactly that staying in shape is a major factor to sustain their fame and position within the market.

Speaking of the importance of appearance and the problem of baldness, we all know that we lose a great deal of our shape and character when losing hair excessively. According to modern studies, the hair loss effects nearly 52 of men and women before the age of 52. Although it attacks both gender, males are still at higher risk of being affected than females. A study indicates that for those men at risk of baldness, the early signs of it starts before the age of 18.

Well, despite the cause and victim, hair transplant procedure today is the ultimate solution that guarantees a hundred percent natural and permanent results.

The Causes of Hair Loss

It is believed that we lose hair mainly due to genetic reasons that we inherit from our parents. Some other causes include pollution, excessive alcoholic beverages consumption, smoking, burns, scars caused by accidents etc.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing healthy and bald-resistant hair follicles from an area of the scalp (donor area), and transplanting them into the area suffering baldness (receiving area). The procedure may take one session or more depending on the severity of baldness and the density required by the patient. It also takes between 4-7 hours and is carried under local anesthesia in which the patient remains awake and can watch T.V or read a magazine.

What are the Techniques used with Hair Transplant?

There are two main techniques that are used to perform a hair transplant procedure and they are.

  1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
    Within this technique, the surgeon gets the hair from the donor area through excising a long narrow strip of the scalp (tissue + hair), separates the hairs, and transplants them into the receiving area. This technique is the original one yet is linked with some drawbacks such as scarring, longer healing time and complexity.
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
    This technique is the modern approach of hair transplant and is preferred by the majority of surgeons and patients alike due to its smoother process, better results and shorter healing time with no scars to mention. FUE involves extracting the hairs from the donor site one by one -using a very special medical tool that was developed precisely for this purpose – and transplanting them into the receiving area in the same manner.

Note: although FUE is now more popular, the FUT technique is still applied at many clinics and is deemed a better option with some cases such as with them having long hair. You may also be asked by your surgeon to choose between the two techniques based on your preferences and some other factors that could be determined with the help of the surgeon.

The Factors of Success behind Hair Transplant

In order to get the best hair transplant experience that guarantees natural and permanent results, you need to make sure that you are getting the procedure done in a popular destination where the hair transplant industry is thriving and contains excellent hair transplant clinics. The definition of an excellent hair clinic in this manner is the one that contains an experienced surgeon and talented medical team. An excellent hair clinic is also officially approved, equipped with the necessary medical tools, state of art technological devices and possesses a successful record in this field. In terms of cost, popular hair transplant clinics may sometimes provide a set of services in one package in order to make it affordable for people with different financial income and they do that without compromising the medical quality. Remember also to be aware of the shady promotions and not succumb to some clinics’ advertisements of cheap procedures or offers that are below the reasonable level. That is because there are some clinics, which operate only for money with no regard to the medical ethics of this career.


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