Grow Your Career With The Professional Year Program in Australia

Want to lead Australia a brighter future? Sure, then you need to know about the software for the Technical Year. The career development system is explicitly designed to help foreign students get used to working environments straight after graduation.

We put together a whole page to encourage students on their path to success and to show you what they should know about the course. 

What is a Professional Year Program?

The professional year program, also known as a career training program, is structured to provide the necessary skills for university students to adapt to a new work climate. The curriculum focuses on how to adapt to an Australian workplace, because of its unique cultural climate.

Such soft skills are essential and allow students to overcome any obstacles or hurdles they can face after completing their Australian education. This is what the system is accommodating:

1. Improves communication skills, helping candidates to interact and communicate efficiently in an Australian work environment.

2. Equip students with the industry-specific skills required to perform better than their peers and colleagues.

3. Gives students the ability to experience and understand Australian work culture. That enables students to comfortably socialise with their peers.

4. This requires an internship that helps students familiarise themselves with their current job environment and what to expect in the future.

Who is Eligible for an Australian Professional Year Program?

Here are a few things you should be aware of before applying for the program:

Educational Requirements

Students must have initially undertaken research in Australian by graduating from an undergraduate or postgraduate program. Candidates must be graduating in one of the following disciplines:

  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Computer science

Visa Requirements

Students must also meet certain visa requirements, aside from educational qualifications. First of all, applicants must hold a Qualified, Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485), or apply for it. While applicants may also be on a Student or Bridging Visa, you must apply for a 485 visa. All 485 visa holders must ensure that their visa is valid before their Professional Year Program is complete.

Holding a 484 visa will allow you to continue living in Australia for 18 months until completion of your degree. Applications must have received a suitable qualification within the last six months to apply for this visa. Instead of the Qualified Occupancy List, all applicants must also have the credentials and competencies needed for their particular occupation. 

Skills Assessment

As part of the procedure, applicants must complete an evaluation of their skills from relevant assessing bodies: IPA, CPA, ACS, ICAA and EE.
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