Goa: The Best Place To Endure The Zenith Of Fun In Winters

Goa, also known as Ibiza of India is popular because of the beautiful beaches and people it has. Whether the sandy beaches, parties or the nighttime gala, it is best for the people who love music, beaches and being carefree. Not just this, the place is also for those who love seeing the cultural heritage and visit some historical places. Basically, it has something for every type of tourist.

For those of you, who are pondering upon a destination to go in winters, undoubtedly, Goa is the place to be. This is actually the time when the charm of Goa multiplies. The same is also because this time of the year is also the time to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Now name a place better than Goa in India for partying? None, clearly. Add some places to see and shop as well and you will find no reason to not go to Goa.

Need some more help and assertion? Here are the things that make going to Goa in Winters one of the best decisions of your life!

  • Sunbathing– Even though going to beaches is all fun and tan during all the time of the year, the best time to do so is in winters for obvious reasons. The sun in winters shines pleasantly while the breeze balances the warmth of it. The entire experience of sunbathing by the beachside makes a lot more sense at this time of the year.

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  • Party Place- Life in Goa is more like a celebration and gala all the time. With the bohemian vibe, hippie people, groovy music, and sandy beaches with lip-smacking coastal food, are all that make it the best party place to dance and just be. Whether you want to party by the beachside and stay near shacks, in pubs or clubs, you will find the best of DJs and crowd if not here then where?
  • Club hopping- If you are a party person, this is a must-do fo you! Whether its a weekday or a weekend, you can try club-hopping any day here as every day is a party day here. There are many clubs near Calangute, so if you are staying in hotels in Calangute Goa, you should definitely try to cover as many of them as you can.
  • Goan Delicacies- The food is mostly spicy and tangy but is quite influenced by the various cultures. The food items are many and one of its kind. The spices and coastal food is what it is really famous for. People buy spices and condiments from there.
  • Water sports- Goa is known for the beaches and water sports that tourists can do there. When you go, you can do wind surfing, angling, water rafting, scuba diving, and many other options.
  • River Cruise- Go on a cruise in the Mandovi River, this will bring a whole different experience. When the boat will sail down the river, and then the performance of local girls and boys there will also be a treat to your eyes.
  • Dolphin spotting- This is another great activity that you can do when you are in Goa. This activity is done over an entire stretch of 110 km. It is great to see them in their most playful version.
  • Goan Heritage- Even though the beaches in Goa are quite popular, the heritage places here are also what you should go to. There are churches and forts that you should add to the list. Aguada Fort, Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral and others.
  • Shopping- There are weekend and weekdays when the flea market is open in Goa at various locations. You can go here and then buy clothes, artefacts, ceramics, and spices, etc at reasonable prices.

So, now we hope you will plan a trip to Goa in winters. Also, don’t forget to do all these things when you are there with your friends or partner. Remember to book one of the hotels in Calangute Goa so that you don’t have to hustle to find a hotel in Goa when you reach there.