Full Medical Check up in Pune

Imagesense diagnostic center understands how medical care is evolving and has created the perfect pre-emptive strike, in the form of a comprehensive full medical check-up in Pune that caters to every kind of person.

Imagesense diagnostic is one of the most trusted & certified medical diagnostic center in Pune with 17 years of expertise, excellence and empathy in health care services. We provide full medical check-up in Pune like Sonography, 2D Echo, Digital X-ray, Stress test, etc. also we have health packages at our center.

Our approach is the need of patients come first. We not only offer the best technologically relevant services that are easily affordable but also strongly promote quality, innovative and healthful services, allowing easy access to people from all walks of life. Prioritizing hospitality services and ensuring that each of our patients feels at home is our primitive motive.