Four Ways To Teach Faster And Better Spanish

How to teach your students best or what makes a better teacher is a long drawn enquiry that has no regular set of answers. Even though a good lot depends on the students and the approach a teacher applies, still there are a few techniques that can help your student learn better.  What makes this enquiry even more complicated is that there is no permanent set of rules for success and it all has to subjective. Below we discuss such few points that can help you teach better.

  1. A good hold over the subject:

Now, this looks like stating the obvious, which it may be even but you still can’t ignore it. As per a study that included around 200 pieces of research, it was found that of the six basic elements of great teaching, subject knowledge was one. This factor has a great impact on the student’s learning.

  1. Too much praise can impede learning:

There are several studies that have raised a question over excessive praises. Though it should not be completely absent of course but a fine balance has to be created as too much praise can also reflect or can be perceived as teachers’ low expectations. If you are not strict where it is required and stay mellow at their failure then they might even blame their failure on the lack of ability.

  1. Your views count:

As a teacher, it is important to understand that you do have some influence over the students and if you behave in a positive and enthusiastic way, it does add up to the progress of the students.  The beliefs about the nature of the subject when combined with the ideas of the teacher can be an important factor in how effectively a student receives what is being taught.

  1. Forge a strong bond:

Even this is apparent, but that doesn’t take its importance away. The relation between teacher and students has a great impact on the learning as well as the ambience of the class. To create an environment that is positively competitive and demands for more effort keeping in mind that it doesn’t get too hard for the student will always help.

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