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Essential Features of Science Lab Tables

A science lab is the birthplace of new inventions and discoveries that make a difference in the world. So, ensuring the right lab environment is very important to let the researchers concentrate better in their experiments. It also demands the right lab furniture, tools and equipment to obtain the best results. Among the lab furniture, a science lab table is the most important one because all the experiments are carried on such tables. So, it is essential to get a high-quality and well-manufactured science lab table for a lab.

Using proper science lab tables in the lab not only provides comfort to the researchers but it also enhances their efficiency. A proper lab table must have these features to serve the exact needs and requirements in a lab –

Features of stainless steel tables

  • Durability

Durability comes before anything else when it comes to an industrial table. It is important to purchase a table that lasts for a long time with low maintenance. Stainless steel is a strong and durable material itself, so it is an ideal material for science lab tables.

  • Corrosion resistance

Another great feature of stainless steel tables is that they are corrosion and chemical resistant. So, it is easy to perform any tests with sensitive elements and toxins on the table.

  • Heavy load capacity

Most of the scientific experiments that take place in the lab require heavy tools and equipment. Those machineries are placed on the tables for long hours. So, science lab tables must have heavy loading capacity to support the machines or the items and the tables both can be damaged.

  • Hygienic standards

The surface of stainless steel is easy to clean, and it does not attract germs and bacteria either. So, stainless steel tables are perfect for labs that need to maintain hygienic standards.

Other features

  • Surface customization

According to the kind of materials dealt with in the laboratory, lab tables should be customized. It is important to choose a table surface that can withstand the effects of harsh chemicals and toxins. Similarly, plastic laminated tabletops can reduce scratch marks. If a space uses standard chemicals, then the table should have a phenolic surface. The best choice of regular use in a lab is epoxy resin which is resistant to regular chemicals, heat and moisture.

  • Height adjustability

A lab needs adjustable height tables to provide the researchers with eye-level perfection during microscopic observations. People with different heights work together in a lab which can be a problem if standard tables are used. By using adjustable height tables, however, researchers can raise or lower the height as they require to place the microscope at the right eye level.

  • Lift functionality

Lift tables are similar to adjustable height tables. These tables are characterized by a lift. Laboratories require lift tables because, during certain experiments, specimens are needed to be examined from different angles. Rather than moving too much around the table, it is more practical to control it using the lift feature.

  • Proper storage

Although like every other industrial workplace, science labs must also have industrial cabinets for storing and preserving various items, yet it is a great option to have storage options installed in science lab tables. With this objective, the tables are equipped with upper shelves and cabinets where researchers can place important tools, bio-samples and specimens. Keeping them just above the table allows easy access to the items whenever they are required during an experiment.

  • Fume filters

Fume emissions from solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals are common occurrences in a lab. This is why it is better to have laboratory tables with filters to control this fume. The fume hoods are made of anti-corrosion and anti-acid materials.

  • Laminar airflow hoods

Just like controlling the fume, it is also important to keep the lab environment sterile to lower the risks of infections and unwanted chemical reactions. For serving this purpose, lab tables should be equipped with laminar airflow hoods that draw the contaminated air in, filter it, and release purified air.

A science lab table with the necessary features is great equipment for any laboratory as it helps to maintain an efficient workflow.