Nowadays Industries are the soul of our monetary framework and processing plants are growing as rapidly we require comfort at each and every phase of our living hood that cause so much harm to our environment and in result, we get polluted natural resources like air and water they are the basic required by every individual in there daily life. Though many researchers are working to control pollution or how can we reduce it. In this era of inventions if few steps have been followed by the operation management of Industries so we can not only control pollution we’ll be able to reduce it too.

In industrial process water, wastewater, groundwater or colling water Bag filter system is required by which we can reduce the water pollution the basic work of this system is to remove contaminants from water as in processing units water is required in every step which is mixed with different chemicals bag filters along with other purification methods, such as the use of activated carbon or reverses osmosis, are frequently used. The bag filter system can also be installed in food and beverage units because of its affordable price and reliability.

solenoid pulse valve is an electromechanical operating system which are used as a filter in the dust collecting system, gas turbines, and desulfurization equipment. it is commonly used to control the air pollution the processing units having different types of filters inside the industry to reduce smoky hazards like envelope filters, ceramic filters, cartridge filters, etc. Diaphragm and solenoid valves work together for the efficient operation of the dust collector cleaning system. They are the “switch” for compressed air in the dust clean blowing system. Controlled by the output signals of the pulse jet controller, they make dust clean to the filters by filters to keep the pressure drop of dust collector within the set range and thus guarantee the filtering functions and the efficiency of dust collector