Dunns river tour: A travel destination for all tourists visiting Jamaica

The beautiful island of Jamaica has always been a favorite destination among the Caribbean islands. Jamaica has some of the most breath taking scenery with spectacular beaches and clear blue sea waters. The inclusion of modern hotels and resorts has increase accommodation facilities for the tourists. The tropical weather is best for people to relax on the beach and get the warmth of the sun. One of the most visited tourist city in Jamaica is the Montego Bay which is home to several amazing places such as the Ocho Rios Mystic Mountain rainforest, Dunns river tour, Dolphin Cove, Cruise ship and safari tours.

Dunns tour is not only Montego Bay’s favorite tourist attraction but Jamaica’s most popular place. The tour consists of trip to the serene and surreal Dunn river falls. The falls are located near the Ocho Rios and every year thousands of tourist make sure to visit the falls. The falls are 180 feet in height and the track to the top of the falls is made easy by natural stairs and some improvements done so that tourists do not feel uncomfortable. There are tourist guides that give vital information about the history of the falls and demonstrate the way how to climb the falls.

The tourist are allowed to take pictures and make videos about their trek to the top of the water falls. It takes about nearly two hours to climb and reach the top. There are also stairs for tourists who do not want to get wet and cannot walk on the uneven terrain of the Dunn river falls. Tourists can make excursions and travel to river tour with Private Personalized Professional Tran tour which have affordable and comfortable vehicles and vans to provide safe travel to the tourists and their family.

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