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Grammatical Mistakes

Writing skill is something which is treasured by everyone regardless of the discipline he belongs to. An aspiring writer’s basic tool is the skill set he possesses in terms of the work provisioned, being the profession in the same capacity it applies to me as well. As a student, I always dreaded the lengthy assignments assigned to me as they scared me as it were the academic grades which were jeopardized. As my grammar skills were lacking, I scanned and fathomed through various websites to overcome the barriers to efficient writing. The following sources were discovered which have assisted me throughout my academic years.

1. Sentence Sense

As the name implements, this resource of writing is aimed at improving the sentence structure in a paper. Its objective is to nurture the users on the rules that are followed in grammar and how can these be used in strengthening the position of the work provisioned. Various grammatical tips are provided which fundamental understanding can propel our writing skills to reach new heights. Students can also make notes of these errors, and use it for making the corrections and the necessary revisions necessary to meet the paper requirement and writing needs.

2. Vocabulary.com

It is the notorious resource for nurturing on the new words daily. It assists to widens the thesaurus of vocabulary used in the paper. The writing skills are amplified and the paper becomes more interesting when it sparks the reader’s interest through the use of the new words and fresh content. The words can be categorized on the leaderboard provisioned by the site online, along with a customized vocabulary list, so that learning can take place at our own phase.

3. Grammar Monster

It is a well-known website recognized for assisting students regardless of their academic age on the various grammar aspects through the lesson. In it, the lessons are uploaded in the form of the video and are so thoroughly explained that no gap remains for confusion. For you to search just tap on the category list and select the main topic where frequent errors are made. However, the overly simplified lessons tend to become laborious sometimes.

4. Guide to Grammar & Writing

Another online resource which is known for hosting the fundamental and significant information for the students. The content on the website is subdivided in the form of chapters in a book, similar to a grammar textbook. The information is highly nurturing although the design incorporated is highly inflexible. All the material incorporated is illustrated in the index which makes it highly convenient for the users.

5. English Practice

Just as the name depicts, the website is centered on building students basic nurturance through exercise and test. It is a platform where students both young and experienced alike can test their grammatical nurturance and enhance them as well. It is a perfect website to identify the weak spots in the writing and take measures for improving these, in order to produce an effective piece of writing.

6. Essay Mama’s Writing Guide

The neophyte and professional writers both can facilitate from this effective and efficient website as it enables the users to access the meaningful information in no time. The site is inclusive of the writing advice, tips, and tricks which serve as a great help in enhancing the writing skill regardless of the motive behind it.

7. Verbix

This site is centered on building the basic understanding of the tenses. It serves to eradicate all the dilemmas faced concerning the correct usage of the tense in the sentences. The site allows access to every kind of forms such as indicative, subjunctive, conditional, imperative, and progressive in all the forms such as present, past, future, perfect, continuous and more.

8. Men with Pens
The unique characteristic of the site is that it is constantly updating itself with all the new grammatical updates in the English language. Whether you are a student, a freelancer, or more, the learning through it will improve your writing and assist you in becoming proficient at it.

9. Jack Lynch’s Guide to Grammar and Style

This site is based on the name of a professor at Rutgers University called jack Lynch. The site hosts some his collection of the grammatical concepts along with their illustration and comments. It is also integrated with the writing styles and the use of the grammar style so that students can learn about the styles to be sued in a simple essay writing or a website content writing.


This plethora of the available resources will assist you in the accomplishment of an A-grade paper. However, if you have lacked the time to submit a paper on time, various online cheap essay writing services are available for guidance to assist you in taking your writing game to a whole new level.

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