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The Diamond Club is the leading producer of high-value diamonds in Perth suburb of Joondalup, Western Australia. The Diamond Club’s True Brilliance is the best round splendid precious stone, notably better than all others. Just the most perplexing precious stones that outperform our thorough benchmarks will procure this seal of endorsement. Our precious stone specialists utilize a unique procedure, created by our Club’s Jewelers, to independently choose by eye those precious stones with impeccably adjusted aspects and edges to guarantee greatest shimmer. This is the place for finding Diamond rings online in Australia.

The Diamond Club was founded in 1983 by Pierre and it is still a family-owned business.

Why choose us?

The Diamond Club has a natural development technique in view of upgrading the operational efficiencies of mines and re-starting creation when the market for this class of precious stones moves forward. We even have peer shaped loose diamonds. The diamond club never disappoints its customers with the quality. Its essential concentration is to accomplish operational perfection and improve an incentive through a proceeded with cost decrease teach and separating most extreme precious stone an incentive through innovative activities. Extra esteem is created through the Group’s business, promoting and producing abilities based. Money related, specialized and authoritative administrations are bolstered from different sources. We also provide emerald cut engagement rings in Perth.

The Diamond Club is essentially unmatched with regards to the supply of excellent jewels at the correct cost. There is definitely not a solitary precious stone that enters or leaves our premises without a proprietor, Pierre Joubert’s accomplished eye checking for quality and incentive for cash. Our diamonds are GIA certified diamonds.

Our Processing:

We have broadened affiliations with diamond mines and cutters in the majority of the real diamond creating nations. By bringing in straightforwardly, and in expansive amounts, we can purchase our diamonds for significantly less, and in this manner, can pass those investment funds onto our customer base. We have the best diamond engagement rings.

Our Diamond Syndicate’s diamond database is one of the biggest in Australia, with in excess of 800,000 diamonds accessible at any given time. This implies we have a wide determination of carat sizes, and shading/lucidity mixes for all diamond shapes available to us.

We are a company which is determined to provide the best quality diamond to our customers. We work on some solid principles and there is no compromise with the quality. We are the best choice for diamonds in the Australian market.

In the event that we can’t discover the diamond you had always wanted, it most likely doesn’t exist.

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