Is More Data Better Than Better Algorithms in Machine Learning?

Yes in machine learning more data is always better than better algorithms. Actually, the quality of data defines how the inputs will work in machine learning training and output would be exactly the same as per the quality of data and its implementation in the algorithm.

And a scientific equation also justifies that data is more important than algorithm. In algorithm there is a kind of codified languages with certain limitations to get the outputs. The type and amount of data you give it will give you the output accordingly.


Moreover, along with quality of data, quantity is also very important because as much as much data you feed into the algorithm, it will take into account all the statistics giving the more precise results. Hence, increasing the amount of data improves every algorithm with better utilization. But, using the large amounts of data the improvements also start becoming negligible at each stage. And unless the algorithm is not reliable they start limiting at some accuracy level.

So, the best high quality training data sets are more important than better algorithm if are working any AI-backed machine learning project you need to acquire the training data sets from reliable sources that can give you the best quality datasets with accuracy to make your project more feasible and work with positive response in various situations.

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