Creating One-of-a-Kind Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings are a beloved symbol of romance and commitment. Their popularity means a number of common designs. Those who seek unique engagement rings may want more than to stand out from the crowd. There’s a special feeling in wearing a band that represents your love, and your love alone.

There is a wide array of diamond cuts and shapes to choose from. Along with classics such as the round brilliant and cushion cuts are fancy brilliant shapes like hearts, triangles and pear loose diamonds. Step cut diamonds like Asschers, and emerald cuts and baguettes provide a gleam different from brilliant’s sparkle. Mixed cut styles like princess cut diamond rings combine the qualities of brilliant and step.

Hue is another way to make engagement rings special. This can mean choosing diamonds with more or less color, like a D or H grade jewels. Other options include the choice of metal, such as platinum, yellow or colored gold. Some rings use a variety of metal, such as white gold bands with yellow prongs. The color of the shank can influence the apparent hue of the diamonds, making the stones seem lighter or deeper.

Diamond rings are everywhere, but adding colored gemstones can make them unusual. Possibilities can be as simple as placing an emerald side by side with a diamond. More elaborate designer engagement rings may feature a tourmaline halo or sapphire side stones. A simple or grand addition can make your jewelry even more special.

One way to ensure your ring is as special as you want is to use a create-your-own system. Valentin Magro’s Custom Diamond Collection offers eleven kinds of diamond cuts and shapes. You can further narrow your gem choice by color, clarity and other traits. Twenty-one settings are available, along with a selection of precious metals.

Those who envision a specific design but have trouble finding it in stores can utilize custom services. Valentin Magro accepts special orders. Your dream band may be understated, extravagant or avant-garde. No matter how it looks, we’ll make it a reality. To learn more, feel free to reach us at:

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